Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Wooly Experience - Selkirk Sheep

Happy Sunday Everyone,

And it's a sunny Sunday here, and there is a clear bright blue sky too! It's going to be a lovely day. I have a very quick share for you today. During our recent trip to Selkirk after the yarn bombing, post here, we spotted this copy of the Yarrow, Ettrick & Selkirk Special.
As well as covering the news of the yarn bombing, with some of the culprits unmasked, there was an item about the loss of sheep by a local farmer with a plea for everyone to help find them. No problem! We were soon on the track. We managed to find twelve hiding in local shop windows ...everything from the bank, butchers and barbers.

I couldn't help noticing that not only were they named but all their names began with the sound 'sh', even Seamus (pronounced Shamus). Shamira was surrounded by the sweetest dogs and Shuffy seemed to have taken a shine to David Beckham ... clearly a sheep with good taste :)

Reason for speed this morning ... we are expecting a visit from one of our grandsons so I have a celebratory lunch to prepare.

Wishing you all a fabulous day.


  1. Fun post Elizabeth, glad you enjoyed your Selkirk trip. You're making me feel very nostalgic! Enjoy your lunch with your grandson.

  2. Hello Elizabeth, enjoyed your post and thanks for sharing your trip to Selkirk.
    I thought the yarn bombing was fabulous, being a knitter of course, I would. I would have love to have been down there to see it all, and the lost sheep is such fun, Kate x

  3. Love your collages of pics, looks such fun had by all! Xxx


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