Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Hello Everyone,

Wednesday again, and as I haven't posted anything since Saturday ... been too busy dealing with the aftermath of the fire ... I thought I'd try to get back into the swing of things and show you what is really on my desk today.
Just a bit cluttered and definitely not my usual tidy self :( I've been pulling out all sorts of bits and pieces in an attempt to use stash up ... that's the unused, forgotten and neglected stuff that deserves better treatment than that. On the craft mat is the makings of a card ... just at the decision stage :)
To the right are baskets and boxes of stamps, embossing folders, and other assorted goodies. The two boxes balanced on top of a red box at the back contain my ProMarker collection - the red box contains some embossing folders. There's various dishes containing ribbons, lace, gems and some ancient sequins. Sequins seem to be making a bit of a comeback in the scrapbooking world ... good news for me then :)
Teetering on the right edge of the desk is a massive multi-coloured pile of various pieces of A4 (i.e. 8.3 x 11.7 inches) card and paper. I rarely use this size of card, preferring 12 x 12 ordinarily, but there are some lovely colours, textures, patterns, etc. in that pile, all just crying out to be used so I'm on a mission to work my way through as much as possible over the next few weeks.

For anyone who is still in the dark as to what WOYWW is about, and wondering why I'd be revealing this oh so very cluttered desk of mine, do click the link or head over to Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground, where all is made clear.

That's my lot for today but before I go, I'd just like to say a very big thank you to everyone, and there was a lot of you, who left kind messages after reading my last post. The EM and I have been dealing with all the jobs that have to be done following such a disaster, and picking up the pieces, and clearing up the mess. Today, I had the sad job of cutting back some of our precious plants, and pulling up those too damaged to revive - and planning some remodelling of that part of the garden with a view to making it safer from vandals and arsonists. The bruises from the fall are many and very colourful ... that will teach me to be more careful :))

I'm back in the craft room again so normal service should be resumed.

I wish you all a very happy Wednesday and happy crafting,


  1. Good luck on using up that stash it's a great challenge and very satisfying when you work thru it :) have fun hugs Nikki 22

  2. Great idea to pull out and organize what you want to use up! I worked my way through so many of those chipboard pieces this wummer using that very system!

    I am sorry to hear of the painful bruising...I hope they catch the culprits!

    Thre is one little ray of now get to go to that lovely craft shop within the gardening center that you have shared with us before!

    Good luck with the clean up and redesign...I am now in Filey, having a wonderful time with DH's family, spending lazy days at the beach chalet in the mornings and enjoying the sea.
    DH went to sea with his retired cousin and they caught mackerel and cod. DH is on cloud nine!!!

  3. Blessings to you in the recovery process in your garden. Good for you to be using from your stash, I too need to do more of that. Kim #52

  4. Another one here for trying to get through my stash . Hope you get through yours better then me. Happy woyww jill #34

  5. I read the first line of your post and had to go check out the previous one - glad you weren't seriously hurt, and the damage wasn't worse. You have some lovely neighbours. Then came back to see your desk - loved the tour!! Take care. Helen 8xx

  6. The knock on effects from something like that Elizabeth will last for a long while but it's so good to hear you are dealing with the clearing up and sorting. Just give yourself time to heal too.
    A x # 61

  7. Oh Elizabeth, I hadn't read about the fire...haven't been online that much this week...I'm so sorry, what a stupid thing for someone to do. I hope that you're ok after your tumble down the stairs too. Sending you big hugs.....
    Hope crafting can help you recover from the fright....
    Hugs, LLJ 63 xxxx

  8. I am very glad to see you back in the craft room Elizabeth. Hope you are keeping well and getting over the shock of the whole sad episode.

  9. A bit of Arnica on the bruises might help! Hope you are recovering from the shock and the mess. Your desk and view from your window look so inviting. x Jo

  10. Elizabeth...hugs and sorry to read about your fire...nasty people. Like yourself I too am trying to use items in my stash I've had for years and I'm definitely not buying any more card in any shape, texture or colour for a long time...I have stacks, good luck with your plan. Cheers RobynO#74

  11. Good luck with the clean up and I hope the bruises fade soon. The desk is looking fab and I'm sure you'll be crafting away once you get the fire stuff sorted. Take care Zo xx 93

  12. It sounds as though you've been very busy. We're trying to use our stash rather than hoard it too, it makes you feel good to know you used it.

    The House of Bears @#99

  13. I have just read about your fire....... It's always such a lot of work we recently had a water leak...... The work involved in such things is heartbreaking !
    Good luck

  14. Am so pleased to see you back crafting Elizabeth. So sad about the plants you have lost. I am trying to use up stuff. I am quite ashamed really of all the stuff I have - some of it for a while and not used!!!! Happy WOYWW

  15. Sorry to hear about your troubles, what an awful thing. Glad you're busy in the craft room and getting past it. Hope those bruises heal real quick!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and for the kind comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  16. I had to go back a post, and read the devastation you experienced. SO SAD. And it's problems/crimes like this that seldom to never get solved. It would be nice if someone started bragging and the police found out about it. I think that may only happen on TV, though. If there's anything I can do from across the pond, please let me know.

    I liked what you said about old stash needing better treatment. How true you are, and how wise of you to get it out and use it. Happy WOYWW from #10.

  17. Hi Elizabeth
    they say that time is a great healer and I am hoping that your crafting will also help you as a person to heal from this dreadful event.
    I look forward to seeing some projects coming from your desk
    Have a really great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #85

  18. So sorry to hear about the fire and I hope that crafting helps to take your mind off things a little. Love the idea of using up stash...I am trying to do the same! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#87)

  19. Happy to hear you are more relaxed after your dreadful experience.
    Get some Arnica cream for the bruising, it works wonders to reduce the length of the bruise.

  20. Hello Elizabeth. I had to go read all about the fire - what a horrid shock for you to discover something like that. I trust your injuries soon heal. You are doing so well, managing to share with us all so soon after such an event - I'm sure I would have gone into hiding!
    Take care, take your time with your crafting so that it can be truly relaxing, and get better quick.
    Love n hugs
    Margaret #55

  21. I can't imagine what you are going through having endured the ordeal of the fire, and I hope that a little crafting therapy is taking your mind off it all. It's really hard to fathom what goes through a teenagers head at times, like the one's in the US recently who were bored so they went out and started shooting people and killed someone. You definitely look like you have lots of wonderful stash and like you I often need to pull things out and see what I have in an attempt to use them. I hope this week is a better one for you. Danie #17

  22. I haven't posted much lately either , my stats are really bad!! seeing they were always up in the 50's now up in the 300's !! I don't know why, people visit the stats don't match up. But your crafty space is busy as ever...loo rolls.... wellll I can understand not wanting to miss out on crafting by visits to the loo! useful stuff though! Thank you for my snoop!!
    Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #5

  23. Did I ever feel right at home, looking at your desk. It looks like lots of work in progress, and actually, I thought it looked pretty organized. I bet you can put your hand right on anything you should need for a project. Your paper pile made me feel smiley, cause I have about 5 big stacks piled on a bed (cause I had to pick up off the floor so as to have a tv repair guy in the room). Hope we don't get visitors who need the bed. I need to get all these stacks cut into workable size to be able to file in hanging folders. Maybe one day!!! TFS & hope your bruises are feeling a bit better each day. Hugs

  24. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in spite of the fire. All the best to you and greetings from Erika

  25. I remember when my in-laws had a fire that gutted my MILs quilting space. Some precious things were destroyed. It's so awful. But craft away and maybe it will lift you up. And what better than using up old stash? I love doing that, makes me feel virtuous LOL!

    Happy (better late than never) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (27)

  26. Sorry to hear you have been having a bad time, hope things are on a more even keel for you soon.

    We are all so lucky to have our crafts to take us away for a while I think.
    take care

    Lynda #96

  27. Sorry about the problem you have had with the garden, such senseless acts just seem to make it worse in my book. Using old stash is on my list at the moment, how can i justify buying new stuff when the old is languishing away? I am late in doing my rounds this week... pain got the better of me. Happy WOYWW Annette #6

  28. Nice to see you on here despite what trauma you have been through recently.
    I am shocked by what I have just read about your fire and can't think straight so will just say I am holding you in thought and prayer.
    neet xx

  29. How awful for you! I'm glad you and your family and your house are safe. It could have ended badly. Lots of projects ongoing at your desk! patsy

  30. Busy desk there Elizabeth. hope the clearup and compensation claims go well. BJ#132 rather late this week!

  31. What a terrible thing to have happened! I didn't get around everyone yesterday so I am responding to your lovely comment on my blog. You are so brave and positive; it must be heartbreaking dealing with the plants, but re-planning the garden must give you hope. I am thinking of you at this time and hoping that your bruises will soon be completely healed too. I love sequins! How lovely that they are making a comeback! Julie Ann xx #35

  32. Elizabeth, so glad you enjoyed the ecard and that it came at a good time for you. The bruises will fade, and you will have a beautiful garden once again. Keep that thought when you're feeling 'down' about this situation.Hope you will share pictures of the process as you restore your treasured plants. Always enjoy seeing your photos. Hugs

  33. Oh dear what a scare! I too had to jump back and find the post you referred in your opening line. So glad to hear you're okay, if a bit bruised but okay! I love the cards! So take care and move slowly to speed recovery. :) Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #1

  34. p.s. my sneak peek of the square was in the upper the left corner of the desk pic. The full reveal has been posted.
    Hugs Nan

  35. Sorry not to have returned your WOYWW visit this week, don't know where the time has gone. Promise to do better next week now I'm back into the swing of things. Lovely light room you have there Elizabeth and lots going on on your desk.
    Ann B

  36. Thanks for visiting my blog this week and your kind words. Sadly I am unable to move the computer as just nowhere else for it to go. We are in temporary accommodation at the moment (our 2 bed swing a cat holiday cottage) and are in limbo until I can sell my house which sadly is taking much longer than I hoped.

    The three of us are a little cramped living here by the sea but so much happier which is what I had hoped for.

    Had a quick look at some of your crafting on other posts. Love the Christmas cards, I need to sit down and make some but struggling to find the time.

    Hope you have a great week and hopefully see you next week on woyww.


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