Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday Smile ... The Naughty Step

Happy Friday to you all,

I hope the day is turning out well for you and that you are finding much to smile about. Here's a shot taken last Friday when we arrived at the guesthouse.
This was the sight that greeted us in the entrance hall, and these dolls are so realistic I was fooled for just a nano second or two :)) 

I'm off now to see what everyone else is smiling about today with Annie at A Stitch In Time.

Take care everyone,


  1. Thanks for stopping by my place while I slept. That is HILARIOUS. More than a smile, this one had me laughing when I read they were dolls.

  2. had me going for a second too, not sure i could live with them all the time, slightly creepy?

    Thanks for your visit and surprised to hear that basil did not grow for you, i dont have green fingers normally. I hope you succeed if you try again.

    Gill x

  3. OMG ...thought they were real ...was impressed by the hair lol ...not sure I would want them in my home ....alittle creepy xx

  4. Hehe that's brilliant Elizabeth. :-)
    Hugs, A x

  5. I can see why you were fooled! xx

  6. Had me going for a moment too...rather creepy and very funny! Thanks for the smile! Caro x (#8)

  7. l thought they were your grand children Elizabeth they are so realistic looking x

  8. They had me fooled! :-)


  9. They are great Elizabeth and very realistic. They did make me smile. After a busy weekend I am trying to visit the rest of the 'smilers', but i was sad to see you later post about the fire. Thank God no-one was injured the fire. i hope your bumps and bruises are mending. It is such a shock when something like that happens. Nature is wonderful and the garden will repair itself with time, though the fencing will need a bit of help! Stay positive. It will get better. Hugs. Kate x


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