Monday, 12 August 2013

Weekend In Aberdeenshire

Hi Everyone

I'm back and rested after a hectic weekend spent up in the village of Stuartfield, Aberdeenshire. We were visiting my son, Alun, and his family, to celebrate his 44th birthday.
And here's the birthday boy himself. He and his partner, Elaine, are both keen gardeners. Not in shot is a productive vegetable garden ... his cabbages are superb this year :) Just behind him is a very old apple tree that's just groaning with fruit ... cookers not eaters.
Just a few shots taken around the Buchan area where they live. It's almost harvest time and the fields are golden with ripe wheat, barley and oats. Top right is a field of barley .... whisky in the raw :) Bottom left is a shot of the White Horse on Mormond Hill - a war memorial in honour of Sergeant James Hutcheon of nearby New Pitsligo. It's Scotland's only white horse. I'm told there is also a white stag, somewhere on the other side the hill, which was created in 1870 by Mr W F Cordiner of Cortes as a wedding present. Despite our efforts we didn't find it. They are both made of quartz, unlike the many white horses that can be found around England which are made of chalk.
We just had to pay a visit to one of the prettiest, and my favourite, Scottish castle. Fyvie Castle is said to be haunted by several ghosts, as if one isn't enough :)
On Saturday we had lunch in Peterhead, known by the locals as the Blue Toon. The name is derived from the blue woollen stockings the fishermen used to wear.  The stockings were knitted with patterns that were unique to the town. So unique, in fact, that after any fishing disaster, the drowned fishermen could be identified by their socks. The statue on the left is of Jessie Buchan, known as Fisher Jessie. Fisher wives like Jessie would sell/barter fish from their creels (baskets) on their backs. I couldn't resist taking the shot on the right of the gull perched on top of Field Marshall James Keith ... gulls are no respecters of persons :))
It's raspberry season here in Scotland and we are very lucky to have them growing in profusion, wild and free for the picking. As well as the normal red ones, there are also plenty of the golden ones growing along the roadsides. Even the track up to the guesthouse was lined with ripe raspberries.
And talking of the guesthouse, here's the EM with one of the four cats that live there. It was not unusual to be greeted by one or all of them waiting to be let in, or out, by any passing guest :)

The trip up north takes us through beautiful country - this photo was taken on the road just beyond Stirling, during a wee hold-up. In the distance you can see the mountains of the Trossachs - Rob Roy country.

And this is one of the most arresting sights we experienced on our journey.
Arria - Scotland's answer to the Angel of the North can be seen from the road (A80) close to the town of Cumbernauld. This sculpture of a female figure with two large swooping arcs from the upraised palms of her hands to the hem of her dress ... the idea of the arcs comes from the Gaelic name for Cumbernauld, “comar nan allt”, which translates as “the meeting of the waters” ... is absolutely stunning, especially when it shimmers in the sunlight.

Unfortunately, the weekend was over all too soon. We've returned to showery weather, and the temperature seems to have dropped making it feel a tad chilly. Let's hope it's temporary, after all it's still only August.

I haven't had time, or, truthfully, the inclination, to go into the craft room yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I hope you all had a great weekend too, whatever you were up to, and that Monday hasn't been too bad either.

Take care and happy crafting,


  1. Oh what lovely photos Elizabeth! I can see you in your son's face, same smile.

    And Arria is just beautiful - I read all about her. My hair was just like that in the 60's, not much different now really. And (whisper) I do think she's lovelier than the Angel of the North.

    But fancy you, going round knocking at strange doors - did anyone open it for you?

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. These pics are fabulous Elizabeth, TFS, looks like you had a wonderful time :) Cathy x

  3. Beautiful photographs Elizabeth, looks like you had a wonderful weekend :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Great pictures of your weekend. I must admit I'm drooling a bit over the raspberries... I could eat them all day! Enjoy crafting when you get the urge to go in your craft room again - but enjoy other hobbies until then :)

  5. "WOW" Elizabeth your photos are stunning brings back many a happy memory when l used to go to Aberdeen when the husband was on courses we used to get to stay in the best hotels and venture onto Union street with 3 little ones it seems like hours getting from one end to the other its great going its the coming back thats a little tiring but so enjoyable belated b'day wishes for your son and wow l'd love a garden with that space for growing fruit and veg l have strawberries at the moment had 3 lots of them my apple tree has only 3 apples and my plum well nothing as its still only young and what a love Arria she really is an angel looks like you had a fabulous time take care xx

  6. Fantastic photos and post Elizabeth,
    I really enjoyed reading all about your weekend away.
    You should have let me know and I could have popped the kettle on for you ;D
    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your son. Have a great week ~ Enjoy :D

  7. Sounds like you had a great time Elizabeth.

    WOW . . . Scotland's answer to the Angel of the North is WAAAAAY better! I didn't know she existed!

    Sarn xxx


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