Monday, 17 September 2012

Learn Something New Every Day

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new followers or, as Shaz in Oz would call them, my enablers - without you all I would be whistling into the wind so thanks for joining.

I, belatedly, decided to join in the Learn Something New Every Day (LSNED) course Shimelle runs every September. It's taken me a while to get to grips with the course but I've made a start.

The first thing I had to decide was how I was going to record the lessons I learned every day - would it be in digital form or good old cardstock and paper. Actually, that was an easy decision to make - I prefer working with paper and I really wanted to practice putting together more scrap pages. That decision made, I then had to decide on the size ... not 12"x12, that would be too big, and not 6"x6" - too small - 8"x8" seemed perfect.

In the 'use-it-up' spirit, I'm hoping to create all the layouts with leftovers and scraps of paper ... well, wherever possible. That being the case, I hope you will forgive me if I don't list the materials used ... I generally don't have a clue! Here are the first three pages.

This page was inspired by the road trip we took in June this year - we covered 1200 miles, quite an adventure. I love to travel - so much so that my family say I was born with itchy feet - and I'd always wanted to go on a road trip but somehow never did. So this year we remedied that omission and planned a two week trip - not quite of Jack Kerouac proportions but at our age adventurous enough. It proved to be a lot of fun and the adventure lived up to, and exceeded, expectations. That map on my knee was our guide to three counties and countless hours of discovery.

One of my favourite quotations, and I do have a lot of favourite quotations, is the one on this page - 'You cannot open a book without learning something'. Confucius knew a thing or two.

I don't remember learning to read, which is probably just as well because I was diagnosed as word blind, a form of dyslexia, at the age of ten. I know I could read to myself long before then but I couldn't read out loud - somehow the message did not pass between eyes and mouth ... what came out was not what I could see on the page. Instead, I developed the most embarrassing speech impediment which took years of therapy to sort out.

However, none of that stopped me from reading and from learning through reading - this ability has served me well over the years. And this love of books takes me into every book shop, especially second-hand ones, that I discover. This one, discovered in 2009, is in England's Book Town, Sedbergh - it's huge and my idea of heaven :)

For this page, I got to thinking about the choices I've made during my life. Instead of doing what many of my school friends did, that is, staying at home and marrying the boy almost next door, I amazed them all by enlisting in the army ... and so began a life of travel and interesting experiences. This photo shows me kitted out, wearing my much loved walking boots, at the start of a hill-walking trip in the Peak District. The scenery is stunning but the reason I chose the photo to scrap is because there is no traffic on the road - it's the road less travelled! I would say that I took the road less travelled, and in the words of Robert Frost, 'that has made all the difference.' I wouldn't have had it any other way :)

I'm enjoying this process of learning something new every day and hope to have a lovely scrapbook at the end of it all, so I plan to post more pages over the next few weeks - until I've completed the LSNED course.

Yesterday  was the EM's birthday - his 74th. Coincidentally it is a friend's, Margaret O's, birthday today too so, she and her husband travelled up from Galloway and we spent the day celebrating. We ate out and caught up on all the news before they carried on up north to Loch Awe where they will be staying for a week.

I've just spotted the time ... after midnight! Time I was in bed so I'll say goodnight all and ...

... happy crafting,


  1. Really enjoyed looking at these pages and learning more about you and the path your life has taken.

    Sounds like you have had a full and interesting life!

  2. Hi Elizabeth ah do like your use of Enablers - I actually call them my Wonderful Encouragers but rather like the Enabler side of it too and their encouragement enables my work to create - such is the path of encouragement i leads to enable-ment!! now that is deep enough for even Confucius I think :D and do so love your thoughts in this post was rather taken with your path to reading - wonderful your persistence in spite of everything - great share! take care, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

  3. What a wonderful selection of pages, and a great way of using up scraps :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. What an interesting post Elizabeth. Like you I think learning something is a gift in itself. Your pictures are wonderful and your pages look so nice too. Hugs Rita xx

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post Elizabeth and I'm always amazed by the way you scrapping ladies come up with these fab layouts! I like the way you think of such appropriate phrases to put on your pages and these are not exception. Love them. (don't tell BJ though because she soooo wants me to scrap!!).
    Happy Birthday to the EM for yesterday and it sounds like you had fun.
    Have a great week.

  6. What wonderful pages - a great way to store fabulous memories. A belated Happy Birthday to the EM.

  7. Very enjoyable post Elizabeth. Great scrapping!

    I like the LSNED philosophy xxx

  8. Great layouts, enjoy the course. Thanks for your comment on my layout. :)

  9. Wow Elizabeth, This is brilliant what you have done here, great way of showing of your pages and lovely for you to share them too! x

  10. So enjoyed reading this post, and learning some more about you. Your layouts are lovely also. I admire your learning 'one thing per day'...we should ALL do that. Happy Birthday to EM...TFS

  11. Hello Elizabeth, I have so enjoyed reading your post this morning and your layouts are wonderful, I so wish I could scrap - maybe it is time for me to learn something new too. Thanks for your inspiration and birthday wishes to EM for yesterday. Thanks for your visit to me too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  12. Hi Elizabeth

    I am back on catch up .. .. yet again!!!

    I am beginning to think I will never be back on an even track .. .. I seem to just jump from one deadline to the next LOL!!!

    Great layouts .. .. I can see you are enjoying your LSNED journey.

    Love the picture of you with all the books and the colours on your last layout are gorgeous!!

    I hope all the birthday celebrations went well. Belated birthday wishes from the House of Hearts to the EM! (and yes you are right .. .. I am running out of clever ways to hide those little hearts LOL!!!).

    Hope you are having a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  13. Wonderful pages - so nice to learn something new about you! Good luck withthe course. Cindy x

  14. Thanks for your visit and comment on my page. I love this idea of an 8x8 album to record what you learn and I love all the different subject matter you are doing. PS: also an a mission to use up stuff before I go buy more.

  15. I just knew you'd be doing some scrapping and now I see you'll be making a page EVERY DAY this month. Excellent. Love what you have done so far and the stories behind the pages too. So where exactly was the road trip. I did a mega 4000 miles in America once and I hate travelling! BJ

  16. Superb pages Elizabeth, I'm being inspired here to make another page, great pictures you've used too. xx

  17. Fantastic pages Elizabeth and what great stories behind them :)) xx


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