Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW 170 - What's On Your Workdesk

Hello WOYWWers, Followers and All,

Another Wednesday and we are into September already ... I'm stunned! I've no idea where the year has gone, never mind the week! But, because it's Wednesday, it's time to reveal all ... only, I haven't got anything much to reveal ... what's on my desk is a 12"x12" DT layout I'm putting together, so for my eyes only for the moment. However, I can show you this wee corner.

I've been out in the garden picking what is probably the last flowers of summer - they look so colourful crammed, as they are, into the little Italian jug ... just love the decoration of lemons, reminds me of the time I saw them growing everywhere along the Amalfi coast - they were amazing, far bigger than any we find in our supermarkets in the UK.

More flowers from the garden ... I picked these and put them in the lounge to celebrate the end of the painting and return to peace and harmony.

I thought, as I couldn't show you my craft desk this week, I would show you a wee bit of what I get up to when I'm not crafting.

Pots of cress growing on the windowsill. My mother showed me how to grow cress when I was a little girl and I've been addicted to growing it ever since. The pot on the right is almost ready for cutting, the one on the left was sown a few days later, and now it's time to sew another pot to keep the succession going.

Sorry it hasn't been very exciting or interesting here this week. If you scroll down to previous posts you will see evidence that I've been busy though, and if it's exciting you want, then look no further than the Stamping Ground - you can access the amazing, the inspired, the indefatigable Julia's blog by clicking on the WOYWW (to the left on the sidebar there). That's where you will find a ton of other crafters linking up to reveal what is on their desk this Wednesday. It's fun and it's free so enjoy :)

I'll be joining in the mammoth blog hop later on, after I've had a good night's sleep, so see you later.

Happy crafting,


  1. Your flowers look lovely...I am down to the last dregs too. Just a few still flowering but everything was cut down this long weekend., 11 garbage.waste cans full!!!
    Between the garden and reorganizing in my scrapbook room,I have not had time to post anything lately.
    No need to leave a reply as my blog is not up to date.

    DH goes up to the lake this weekend, to pull the boat out of the marina and get it winterized. He has a bit of work still to take the gazebo canvas roof down and roll up the outdoor lighting. While he is busy up there, I hope to finish off my room and make a couple of cards...Hopefully:)

  2. Love your flowers Elizabeth and am smiling at you growing cress....think I'd have to put it to grow in an egg shell with a face painted on the front so it looks like green hair.....can you tell I've been there done that many times and am still a child at heart?
    A x #85

  3. What beautiful flowers and jugs to put them in
    Lynn x

  4. Lovely flowers! You've been busy in the garden, by the looks of it. Enjoy what's left of the summer! :-)

    Happy WOYWW!


  5. What a lovely arrangement Elizabeth. I love your little jug too. Hugs Rita 123 xx

  6. What lovely flowers, Elizabeth. This sunshine is bringing them all out at last.
    Italian lemons are amazing aren't they. We learn't that they make limoncello with the really big ones as there is a lot of skin and not much juice so no good for squeezing like we would.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax 105

  7. Gorgeous flowers, love that you get to pick them from your garden. I have mostly shrubs and trees in mine, different colours going on so it's lovely to look out on. I do love flowers and often buy fresh flowers for my kitchen. Take care Zo xx 98

  8. Those Flowers Elizabeth are gorgeous and brighten up your room xx

  9. Well I think it is exciting - thos flowers ae lovely. x Jo

  10. I think your flowers are lovely and interesting, sad to think they are the last and 'summer' is almost over .... nev er really got started did it, still there is always next year to look forward to
    janet #65

  11. I think that is a very pretty and uplifting corner of your desk. Such pretty colours there. Happy WOYWW Anne x#122

  12. I don't care that you haven't shown your crafting...I love the flowers and the cress growing, just part of our lovely life :)
    Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

  13. Lovely post this week Elizabeth, seeing the cress growing reminded me of school when we'd plant it on wet cotton wool. Cress is something l never buy but it goes so well on sandwiches.

    Flowers always make the house a little brighter I think and yours are beautiful and were free, even better.

    Happy WOYWW #99 xxx

  14. The flowers are very pretty, hope you have a great week ahead! Gillian #89

  15. G'day Elizabeth,

    I didn't get to you last week which was very busy, up to my ears. Thank you for you lovely comment. I like Old Possum poems too; hope you enjoyed another couple of characters. Did you find anything about archy?

    Jammed in the vase is just fine for me, call it a posey and they both look very pretty. Of course, we're into Spring and the freesias are rioting, and they smell heavenly inside.

    Your cress looks very lively. I love growing sprouts of various sorts and putting them in sandwiches and salads.

    Hope this week is a good one.
    Ros #46

  16. I love that you have a garden and that you can grow things. I think that is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. #33

  17. maybe no crafting Elizabeth but I did enjoy your flower so much, so bright and colourful. And the cress was a walk down Memory Lane - I remember being taught to grow it on a piece of cloth - might have been flannel.
    Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Neet xx 84

  18. Elizabeth, your flowers are stunning!!!! I thought they were a purchased arrangement from a florist at first until I read what you wrote. How beautiful!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Amy E. #36

  19. Hi there Elizabeth, ah, memories of Mr Potato head, he had a scooped out top and cotton wool hair for his cress green hair to grow in! not sure how many potatoes really have green hair but we did it at school too!! very good for you though, and your flowers are ending as ours are beginning but afraid ours never really end here - just change thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #48

  20. Love your non-crafty desk this week Elizabeth. I always think mixed flowers from your own garden knock the bought ones into a cocked hat. I try to use my own whenever I can, even to using seeds, holly and evergreen leaves for my Christmas table.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier - will let you know what we think about our campervan after our first trip - totally new to us as we have never had a caravan or camper, just a ridge tent many years ago.

    Ann B

  21. Love the pictures of all the flowers and I am envious of the cress garden! I have been growing alfalfa sprouts and mung beans but haven't found any cress seeds over here. Thank you for the well wishes for the store. My friend is a good, hard working woman and deserves to have this turn out well for her. Have a great week! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love to hear from folks. Vickie #66

  22. It actually makes a nice change from craft desks so thank you for showing your beautiful flowers from your garden and the gorgeous container that you have put them in - oh yes, your cress too! Crafty hugs, Anne x#47 (thanks for visiting me)

  23. Hi Elizabeth
    you've certainly made up for not being able to use your craft desk. Lovely post, beautiful flowers arranged the way I like to see... naturally.
    I love cress and now you've reminded me I must remember to have a go myself. I'll think of you when I enjoy the mini harvest!
    Jo x

  24. How wonderful to have the last of the summer flowers bringing such colour into your room - gorgeous vases too! Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  25. Such a cheerful looking jug and flowers! Love it.

    Terry #87

  26. Thanks for stopping by my desk earlier this week. I'm a little late with my desk hopping! Ooh you are teasing us telling us of your layout :o) the flowers are all lovely, my Grandma used to grow cress, I used to "help" :o) x

  27. Lovely flowers, hard to believe they all come from your garden. You are a very lucky girl.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #70

  28. Oh but it WAS exciting to visit this afternoon...lovely, lovely flowers. So pretty in the arrangements too. Now I must ask, and forgive my ignorance: what is cress? It looks delicious...I also enjoyed the cutie-pie Rudolph in the later post, but will leave my comment just here. Enjoy your free time while DH is away. Wasn't that too kind that he got your shelf up prior to his trip? There ARE some good fellas still around. :-) Hugs

  29. Sorry I'm a bit late visiting Elizabeth, loving the colourful flowers, they are so happy. BJ#63

  30. The flowers are beautiful. No matter what we do, we're never going to make anything more beautiful than nature has managed. But we can at least have fun trying!

    Thanks for visiting,
    rachel, #71


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