Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Valentine Card

Good Afternoon

This must be a record for me - three times in one day. I've just managed to photograph the first card made using the marbled cardstock I made on Sunday using the shaving foam technique.

Materials used:
  • rose coloured pearlescent cardstock for base
  • the marbled card in shades of pink & green
  • green gingham chipboard frame
  • green gingham heart-shaped topper and gingham edged insert created on PC using Basic Grey's 'Carlie' digital paper from the 'Oh Baby Girl' Collection
  • embellishments: pink heart-shaped toppers from The Works and pink & green ribbon from Funky Scrapbook Barn
Sticking to my resolve to use up some of the stash I've got before buying any more I finally found a use for this chipboard frame. I bought it in a collection when I was making a scrapbook layout, used everything else but not this frame but I thought it would look really good with the pink and green of the marbled paper.

The pink heart shaped toppers were a cheap find some time ago at The Works but really pretty and a perfect match.

The insert and the heart shaped greeting were made using My Craft Studio's graphic programme and Basic Grey's digital paper. The ribbon is gorgeous, green on one side and pink on the other - not sure it shows up too well in the photograph.

Apologies, especially to Ciara, if my photographs are dark but it is dark here in Scotland today (and most days, if I'm honest) - even with the lights on. I shall have to look into the possibilities of investing in a daylight lamp. It would be nice if some kind person would run a course or tutorial on how to photograph cards because I'm useless at it :(

I'm at the reading group tonight so won't get much more crafting done today. We are reading 'A Fine Balance' by Rohinton Mistry. It's a thick book, a very thick book, but it's proving to be very good. It's a family saga, set in India in the middle of the 20th century, the period after the British left and in a time of great political unrest for the country. I'm only half-way through - I did say it was a big book - but I have to finish it because I want to know what happens to the people in it - I'm well and truly drawn into their story. 

Hope you like this card - it's a departure from my usual style, no stamp, no colouring, very little paper, no ink, though I did sand the edges of the frame to distress it a bit. I'm not even sure I like to rely so heavily on toppers for effect - my fingers are too clean :)

Bye for now


Alizabethy said...

What a beautiful card!

Christa said...

This is a very beautiful card. The shavingfoam looks great !! ( does it still smell......) It is a very elegant card ! Love from Holland , Christa.

lisa said...

I have read so much on your lovely blog tonight I'm bursting with information and am being lazy and commenting on all your posts for the last week in one go so I'll probably forget half of what I want to say!!
I love your "messy" desk Elizabeth. You are so tidy even when you are being messy. I hide the great pile of bits of paper and card I have on my desk when I take the photo, it's so embarrassing.
Your marbelling technique is great. I've seen this before and have jotted it in my to do book, but never got round to it. I must as your results are brilliant. I love the framed Valentines card using it as BP.
I think your photos are fine. It's so hard at this time of year when there is so little light and I know some people have photo booths and the like but I find if you use a good window ledge the light isn't too bad. Roll on Summer and the lovely sunny days again.
Hope the rest of your week is a good one.
Hugs Lisax

Hazeyj said...

It's a gorgeous card Elisabeth - I love the colours and your resolve not to buy new till you've used up some of the old - I should try this too! Thanks for the award again and for your kind comments on my blog! Hugs, Hazel x

Jackie said...

What a beautiful card, I really must get some shaving foam... :o)
Jackie xx

coops said...

beautiful card elizabeth.i love the hearts and the paper you made with the shaving foam is stunning :D

xx coops xx

Cor* said...

Hey Elizabeth. Thanks for the tip on the print screen thing.....but my print screen button also has two other things it can do, much like most of the other buttons on my keyboard...& I have yet to understand how I get each thing to work. I'm hopeless when it comes to that stuffs! I'll keep trying though....thanks again. PS- WhenI first saw your card, I was wondering if it was the shaving cream technique. Bet your card smells nice too! Well done !

Katy said...

Hi Elizabeth, fab card and love the idea of using shaving foam for a marbling technique. Stunning as always. Hugs. KatyBoo. xxx

shazsilverwolf said...

Really lovely, thanks for visiting me. yes, it is a Lindt bunny hiding on my shelf- he's been sat there for about 5 years now- too cute to eat!Probably inedible by now too!

Carrie said...

A lovely way to use your marbled paper. I like the way the inside flaps in this card to give a concertina effect when standing xxx