Saturday, 1 January 2011

Great-granddaughter Photographs

Hello Everyone

Well here she is, Rhian at only 13 hours old and sleeping like a baby should. She is tiny, that babygro she is wearing is for premature babies. She has had her blood sugar monitored frequently since she was born and it is now reading normal so she is doing just fine. Jenny is tired and drugged up with painkillers as is only to be expected after having gone through a prolonged labour and a difficult birth but otherwise she is recovering well. Such a relief that they are both okay.

Kyle is very emotional and was very tearful just after Rhian was born but now he is just a very proud and happy daddy. As for me, well I'm just relieved that they are both well and that this new little family are so happy.

It's amazing how one wee baby can put a smile on so many faces - look at me, I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat!

What a New Year! Rhian was the second baby born in East Ayrshire this year, so she is starting off life following in her grandmother Juli's footsteps and appearing in the local paper :) Needless to say, Juli is absolutely thrilled with her first grandchild.

From one very tired but delighted great-grandmother bye for now,


Gez Butterworth said...

Many, many CONGRATULATIONS Elizabeth. Wishing you lots of cuddles & happy times to come..xx Wonderful news. :D

kelly said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth. What a lovely Christmas/New Year gift.

Take Care


Jackie said...

Oh isn't she just gorgeous. Lovely photographs :o)
Jackie xx

Christa said...

OOOO What a lovely photo's !! She is gorgeous....Good to read everything is allright now. Love from Holland , Christa.

Carrie said...

Huge congratulations Elizabeth....she is absolutely adorable! Happy New Year to you and your family xxx

coops said...

aw congratulations elizabeth.rhian is so gorgeous :D
enjoy all the cuddles.

xx coops xx

Hayley @ said...

What a wonderful New Year's present Elizabeth!! Congratulations to you all. Rhian is beautiful! It sounds as though she's born into a large and very loving family and will never be short of cuddles from her Grandmother and Great Grandmother!

Alex said...

Congratulations on the lovely news Elizabeth. Glad to hear all is well your end. Enjoy all the cuddles!


gymjean said...

Congratulations Elizabeth what a beautiful baby I can just see the pride in your face.enjoy all the cuddles. Hugs and one for baby Jean xxx

Hazeyj said...

Oh Elisabeth, she is a little smasher; many congratulations to you and to your family! Hazel x

Anonymous said...

Oh Elizabeth, a very warm congratulations, I'm so behind with your blog I missed all the excitement!!

Guess what arrived today? yep your wonderful christmas card, I love it to bits, when I opened up the envelope, i took in a deep breath, said to my daughter, look someone has sent me a handmade christmas card :-D then I was grinning from ear to ear, its lovely to get something handmade through the post .. thankyou xx

Ger said...

Oh my ... what a beautiful baby ... what a perfect start to the New Year! Babies are the greatest. Congratulations!

Ger x.