Sunday 23 January 2011

Shaving Foam Method for Creating Marbled Effect Tutorial

Hello everyone,
The mention I made in a recent post to shaving foam has whetted the appetite of some of you so I feel I have to explain . . . nay, show you what I have been doing.  I thought it best if I took you step-by-step through this method of creating colourful backgrounds.
Materials used:
·         Can of spray shaving foam – any cheap make will do fine (I got the one I used from a Pound Shop)
·         Shimmer or Mica mist – I used Cosmic Shimmer Mist – in a variety of colours
·         White cardstock – mine was cut to approximately A6 size (6”x4”) or to fit your container
·         A container deep enough to prevent the sprays from marking your worktop – I used a small plastic tray measuring 9”x7”, part of a Christmas gift of shortbread!
·         Roll of kitchen paper

Step 1
Spray the shaving foam evenly over the tray.

Step 2
Spray first colour of shimmer mist (I used Twilight Black) in patches onto the foam, then the second colour (Meadow Lush) filling in the gaps.

Step 3
Take a pencil shaped object, I used the wrong end of a paint brush, and stroke/swirl through the foam. It will look something like this:

Step 4
Place your card on top of the foam and press down gently.

Step 5
Lift the paper off and taking the kitchen paper wipe off the foam. Ta da! The card will look like this:

And that is about it – all that’s left to do is leave the card to dry and use it to make a project.

However, if, like me, you are a tad generous when spraying the foam on the tray you can go on to do what I did. Being frugal and loathe to wash the foam away  I thought I would add a bit more colour – this time Lava Red – doesn’t that look yummy J I then followed through steps 3 & 4 again.

This time I remembered to take a second piece of card and put it on top of the already foam covered card like this:

After doing this you will then have two pieces of card looking like this before cleaning off with kitchen paper.

I was able to try another colour (Purple Violet) before the foam was exhausted and here is the six pieces of card I ended up with.

An added bonus is the card smells gorgeous!!
I hope you found this, my first attempt at a tutorial, clear and easy to follow but if I haven't explained something clearly enough or I've missed out an essential step out please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Now to decide what I'm going to do with all this pretty card.

Bye for now,


Anonymous said...

Oh wow this is something different Elizabeth, what a great pattern and effect you get on the paper, cant wait to see the projects you create using it :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have a go at this - wonder if ES will notice I have pinched his shaving foam!!
Thanks for this Elizabeth - very easy to follow instructions.
x Tricia

Jackie said...

Thank you Elizabeth, it is very clear and methinks I may have to try it as soon as I get the chance :o)
Jackie xx

Hazeyj said...

Wow, straight to bathromm to get foam and give this a try - what do I find..... Mr H uses shaving gel! I'll have to go and get some now to give this a go. Thanks for sharing with us Elisabeth - your tutorial was great, Hazel x

coops said...

oh wow.the papers look gorgeous elizabeth.i will need to invest in some more mica sprays.
thanks for your step by step tutorial :D

xx coops xx

Carrie said...

Oh wow, this looks like loads of fun. And really love the finished effect too Elizabeth so I am definitely going to try doing this! Thanks for this brilliant tutorial, it is always great to learn new techniques xxx

BJ said...

Fandabberdoosy. BJ