Monday, 5 August 2019

In A Vase On Monday - Mixed Blessings

Afternoon Everyone,

After a morning of rain, it's now stopped and the sun has finally made an appearance giving me the opportunity to pop out to find material for Cathy's In A Vase On Monday. Although it was a bit of a challenge finding material that wasn't ruined by the frequent drenchings they've had recently.
Slender pickings and mixed blessings. There isn't a lot of any one variety flowering today so I settled for a few blooms of anything and everything I could find. There's a few of hubby's sweet peas, he favours Spencers in mixed colours, and some of mine, the variety Lathyrus odoratus 'America'
This is the first year I've grown them but, as they are beautifully perfumed and the red/white flowers are very pretty, I think I'll grow them again next year. The crimson red berries are from Hypericum 'Magical Red Flame' - a wonderfully colourful shrub at this time of the year.
The cosmos, white 'Cupcake' and pink C. bipinnatus 'Dazzler' are just coming into flower - they have been so slow this year. Must be all that rain.
On the other hand,  the peachy orange Crocosmia 'Okavango' is doing better this year than any before. Gardening is full of surprises. Also in my bunch of mixed blessings are a few sprays of Verbena bonariensis - seeded from a small stemmed variety 'Lollipop' plant but now very much taller. Finally, there's also a few stems of purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria ‘Robin’ and white musk mallow, malva moschata 'Alba'.
Mixed blessings they may be and perhaps the various colours clash somewhat but they make a pretty and cheerful bunch. And my late mother's little white jug makes the perfect foil to such a busy arrangement.

Linking this post to Cathy's meme In A Vase On Monday on Rambling in the Garden and joining with many others who share whatever they have found to put in a vase this week. If you have filled a vase today I'm sure you would be very welcome to join in too.


cuilliesocks said...

What wonderful colours Elizabeth and a beautiful display of blooms, even if you didn't have much to choose from.
Very close this morning, but we now have the thunder and lightening and it's drenching down, thankfully my washing is dry, indoors and ironed, Kate x

Cathy said...

Mixed blessings but a gorgeously colourful vase - the hypericum berries really stood out for me, especially after recently reading an article in the RHS magazine, They are so easily rejected as car park planting but those berries are really lovely. His n'hers sweet peas? Are there any other his n'hers plants in your garden...?

Kris Peterson said...

You and Cathy were of the same mind on your flower mixes today. You did splendidly with your "mixed blessings," Elizabeth. I love that red and white sweet pea, which despite its name is new to me.

Sandra H said...

Beautiful and colourful the scent must be lovely to have around your home x