Sunday, 30 June 2019

Sunday Scraps - Layouts 4&5/2019 - Ailsa Craig & That's My Hat

Hello Everyone

This is a scheduled post because I'm taking a holiday from crafting for a few days. I thought, in my absence, I'd share a couple of layouts that were made earlier in the year.

This page was made using just a few scraps of leftover patterned papers on a background of plain pink cardstock. The photos are of Ailsa Craig, the tiny uninhabited island, uninhabited but for birds and seals, that lies just off our shores. It's where all the stone used in the making of curling stones is quarried. 

Another page made with leftover scraps but this time the background is patterned paper. The photo of my granddaughter after she'd pinched my rain hat was taken a few years ago. She had her 16th birthday this week and I suspect she wouldn't be seen dead in that hat now!

That's it for today but I'm planning to schedule another post for tomorrow.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.


Sandra H said...

Too beautiful pages and your right being 16 l am sure your grand-daughter wouldn’t want to be seen in your rain hat enjoy your time away xx

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

Two great layouts. Such a lovely way to keep special pictures and memories.

I hope all is well with you.

Enjoy your break.

Love Jules xx