Friday, 14 June 2019

Friday Smiles

Afternoon Everyone,

From a dull but dry Scottish west coast. The sun has popped out now and again but it's not splitting the pavements as it did this time last year. The garden doesn't seem to be suffering though - flowers are still blooming and it's looking lush now that the roses are starting to make an appearance. So, as you might have guessed already, the Friday Smiles photos I'm sharing with Annie this week are all from the garden.
This is the view we get of the garden from our back gate. As you can see the dark purple, almost black, petunias in the wall pots are doing well.
 And the self-seeded foxgloves are now looking their best.

 Another view of the part of the garden that is to the side of the house ... we have what could be described as a wrap around garden, consisting of front, side and back areas ... looking very tidy after the grass has been cut. The building in the background is a converted RC church. Beyond the round bed and in front of the picket fence is the plum tree. Even though the EM planted it three years ago this was the first year we saw it flower so we had high hopes of a plum harvest. 
Not the best shot but this is it. The one solitary plum that has survived. Still, it is one more than last year.
A view of the back garden. The escallonia, near left, is just coming into flower and it's a magnet for bees, as is the hardy geranium and centaura in the foreground.

And finally, my very own favourite rambling rose.
Albertine. Looking absolutely fabulous.

That's it for me this week. Lots to smile about. Hope you have had a very happy week too with much to make you smile. And if you have, do join in with Annie's Friday Smile meme over on A Stitch In Time.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


dutchess said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous’s absolutely terrible here today the rain has been lashing down and we have the heating on as it’s only 12c......good for

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, garden pics are good for me! The petunias are amazing, the foxgloves seem to have done well this year and we have loads though no idea where they came from but guessing the birds bring them in. Pleased to see your plum tree is starting to fruit. It does take a while for them to get going but once they start they usually do well, having said that we've lost our Victoria plum tree and it looks as though it's dead. We had a lot of dry weather last year and the tree was covered in fruit but at least we still have the Damson which looks happy enough. Wishing you a happy weekend, Angela xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OMGosh, Elizabeth. This part of your garden is to DIE FOR. I am so, so impressed. I love it. Would you please come and design my yard, too? This is jaw dropping gorgeous. Every part of your garden, from the herbs to this, make me wish I lived closer to you. Thanks for sharing this because it truly put a BIG smile on my face. Enjoy your weekend, too, dear.

I'm late because I mowed my back yard last night for the first time since the rains prevented it. The grass was so high, it was up to my neck in places. I was exhausted and didn't even get on the internet till now.

Lisca said...

Wow! Your garden is looking absolutely gorgeous! Lots of flowers, and even a plum!
Have a great weekend (in the garden?)

scrappymo! said...

Your garden looks beautiful as always. My fave photos are the foxgloves and the beautiful roses. They are building near us and have taken down a couple blocks of woodland, My youngest and her hubby and saved a few foxgloves pink and cream...but time will tell if they are good bloomers or not.

My garden needs a good weeding but I am off weeding duties for a few more weeks.
11 days out from total knee replacement and my job is to do my stretches to keep knee bending and walk.

I have graduated to be able to climb the couple steps to get to the second patio and spend a few minutes each day deadheading to potted plants...from sitting in a chair. That seems to put a good stretch in my muscles as I bend forward so I have managed to convince family that it is part of my therapy..hahahahaha

Sandra H said...

I just love your garden full of foliage and your one plum reminds me of the one l got well l think it was two the first year it produced fruit but they where the size of an apple 🍎 only small ones the year after and l don’t have that tree now after moving house l took it with me and wished l brought it back enjoy your sunshine it’s unpredictable here x

mamapez5 said...

I love Albertine rose. It smells gorgeous. I smiled at your lonely plum. We had masses of blossom on our little mandarine tree but there are only five fruit that are still hanging on, and with the high winds forecast for this week, I am not sure what their chances are.
You have a beautiful garden, despite all the weather can throw at it. The foxgloevs are one of my favourites. I wasn't allowed to keep mine when I registered as a childminder, and I was so sad to root them out.Kate x