Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sunday Scraps and a Snippet Make

Afternoon All,

I sincerely hope you are having a better Sunday than we are here - it's grey, it's raining and it's soggy out! All the more reason to stay in and craft, methinks.

I'm still participating in Mind The Scrap's Summer Challenge, and this week the 5 requirements are making it a real stinker! I've having to do a lot of head scratching to come up with a plan for my pages. However, here's four from the previous week.

Chipmunk Kisses
I know it looks more like a rat, and the thought of kissing a rat makes me shudder, but it's a chipmunk ... only marginally more kissable in my book but my great-granddaughter clearly thinks differently. This is a blonde chipmunk called Luna. I got to use a lot of old stash up on this page, including some beautiful die-cut trim kindly sent to me by Maureen - ScrappyMo of Scraps of Life - many moons ago.

Love this photo of my little great-grandson, Brodie. He has the sweetest smile ever. I finally found a reason to use those footballs which were fussy cut from paper that Maureen also included in the same parcel as the trims used in the page above.

Arriving at the Irish Ball
This lovely photo is of my daughter, Juli, and her husband, Graeme, all dressed up for the ball which was held in honour of and to raise funds for their friend, Gerry Hughes - the first deaf person to sail round the world. That was a few years ago  - he's now retired and writing a book about his experiences. Juli loved that dress, and recalls with pride that it was a size 6! I, on the other hand, remember that the slippery fabric was difficult to shorten - Juli, like me, is somewhat vertically challenged.

Another lovely photo, this time of my oldest grandson, William, and his fiancee, Heather, enjoying a holiday in Salou. This design was lifted from a layout I spotted on another Facebook group. Cutting out all those triangles from scraps and snippets of paper was a bit time consuming, as was placing them around the photo but worth the effort I think.

And finally, a real snippet make.
It was my daughter's birthday recently and I had the paper to wrap her present but not a matching gift card so I had a look in my snippet basket and found the perfect spotty scrap. All I had to do was cut it to size, trim the 'shoulders', add the stamped image and staple on a scrap of ribbon ...
... et voila! One matching label. The stamp is a Docraft Papermania Typography Stamp 'Daughter'.

It's been a while but I'm taking a trip to Pixie's Playground to submit this snippet make today.

It's nothing special but it does show that it pays to hang on to all the little snippets because you never know when they might come in useful.

That's me for today. It's back to the challenge now - got to figure out what to make next.

Take care and have a lovely Sunday - whatever the weather.


Sandra H said...

Simply gorgeous x

Di said...

Wonderful layouts Elizabeth and that tag is genius! Hooray for snippets to the rescue!


Di xx