Friday, 24 August 2018

Friday Smiles

Hello Smilers & All

When thinking about joining Annie and her smiley meme today I wasn't sure I could find much to smile about this week. It was my cousin's funeral on Wednesday - that's the second death from lung cancer in the family this year - and my asthma has been troublesome limiting my 'get up and go'! However, when I checked back on my photos I did find that in the early part of the week there had been plenty to smile about. Here's a few snapshots from then.

Last Saturday we took a trip to the Maritime Museum in Irvine.

The entrance to the museum
The Joggling Press

Information about the Joggling Press

The museums gift shop and cafe

The view of the estuary from the gift shop
It wasn't the nicest of days, cloudy and very unpromising but it was nice to revisit the museum again. We didn't linger long but headed for Kilmarnock and one of my favourite shops, The Range.

Here we are in the cafe there, where not only did we enjoy a coffee and something wickedly calorific but my husband tried his hand with the camera on my smartphone. He's finally giving into pressure from family & friends and swapping his archaic mobile for something bang up to date so thought he should familiarise himself with all the lovely apps on mine first. He didn't do too badly either.
And, of course, I couldn't go to The Range without stocking up on a few necessities!

Other reasons to smile this week have been the 'back to school' shots the family have been sharing.

This adorable trio are Rhian, Brodie & Lacie, my granddaughter's children. Brodie's hair is quite something - apparently he wants a Mohican haircut but mum's not so keen. Lacie is not yet old enough for school but she starts nursery in a couple of weeks.

And here's Callum, my grandson's boy. At three years old he's off to nursery for the first time and looking very pleased about it too.

And almost finally,
My granddaughter, Shari, on the bus home from Glasgow after visiting Waterstones where she spent her birthday money on a couple of good reads. She's clearly inherited my love of books and the ability to read just about anywhere.

And finally,

This is me at my best.

This is me at my worst!

Keep well, take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Lisca said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's passing. But I'm glad you have been able to enjoy your week in spite of the sadness.
The museum looks interesting, and I love seeing the back-to-school photos. Because in Britain they use school uniforms, and that is interesting to see for people not living in the UK.
And of course seeing the top floor of a double decker bus brings back memories. I have traveled on double deckers and I always head for that seat as it is still a thrill (even at my age) to be in a double decker. Quite an experience!
Have a lovely weekend,

Annie said...

Lovely photos of you both and what gorgeous children you’ve got in the family....good genes I’d say 😀 I’m counting down the day now til we can catch up again.
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I can understand that sometimes life makes you feel that here is nothing to smile about but pleased to see that you managed to have some happy moments too. Great photos and pleased you found something else to make you smile at the Range. have a good weekend, Angela xXx