Friday, 31 August 2018

Friday Smiles

Morning Smilers

It's Annie's Smiley Day again - an opportunity to share some of what has brought us pleasure during the week. For us it's been a another busy week but I haven't been snapping away much with my camera. When I'm busy with family I often forget to take pictures.

Our niece, Louise, all the way from Aberdeen, visited us on Wednesday morning. She had an appointment at Ayr hospital so we took her there and back. It's a university hospital so very busy. We spent the time waiting for Louise in the little tea room beautifully ran by volunteers, as is the little well-stocked little shop nearby. We also took the opportunity to visit my sister Margaret who was in bed and feeling not so good. MS is a miserable condition but she always manages to look on the bright side and finds a lot to smile about too.

 At the weekend, we did pop down to Culzean to our favourite second-hand book shop - we had quite a pile of read books to offload but we really don't need much of an excuse to visit the estate. To our surprise we found that there was a 'Forces in the Field' event going on and this time I did remember to get my phone out. Here's a few pics from the day.

Living history re-enactments was part of the entertainment.

And this aircraft cockpit display - hubby checked the dimensions and reported back that the entrance was so small he'd never be able to get inside!

Not sure this was the sort of display I'd have around with so many children milling around. I was assured they were not loaded by what about those bayonets - they look pretty lethal to me!!!

This lady was weaving a bag from rags on a very primitive looking loom.
Birds of Prey were also there - kindly pitched away from all the noise of the military re-enactments. This eagle was alert but didn't look uneasy even though he was the centre of attention.

And finally, not a funny today but something really special.
Rose 'Eternity' is the name on the label but, after receiving it from our very own Annie and her husband when they visited us earlier this year, we've renamed it 'Annie's Rose'. Hubby took the time to count the blooms this morning and I think you, Annie, will be pleased to learn that there are seventeen on the bush. And it's showing no sign of giving up even though we are now moving into Autumn. Incidentally, the seat just behind the rose, fashioned from half an old round table, is now spoken of as 'Annie's seat'!

So that's it for today. Next Friday we will be on the way Wales for the WOYWW crop so I may not be able to post on this blog ... I've never tried blogging from my phone so really don't know if it's possible. What I will be able to do is post photos on Facebook and, as I have decided not to join in with 'Scroll Free September' this year, a noble idea I'm sure, my Friday Smiles will be there instead.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Annie said...

I’m so thrilled to see the Rose is blooming to its heart content and giving you lots to smile about. Didn’t we have a fab week together? Happy happy memories....and can’t wat to make more soon.
Annie x

Lisca said...

You've had some glorious weather, looking at the photos. The military re-enactment show looks interesting and fun. Fancy you just chancing upon that!
The rose is splendid! Lots of blooms. Beautiful.
Have a lovely weekend,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth. Great photos and pleased to see you having a lovely day out. The re-enactments seem to be getting very popular but I agree the guns do look a bit dangerous with the bayonets attached. Lovely rose. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx