Monday, 25 June 2018

In A Vase On Monday - Taking Time to Smell the Roses

Morning Everyone,

Monday again, and time to join in with this vase of roses over at In A Vase over at Cathy's Rambling In The Garden
Apologies for the photo - I've caught the vase at a very jaunty angle!

Suddenly the roses have all burst into bloom at the same time ... it's heavenly. A wander around the garden resulted in this bunch of mixed roses, with astrantia 'Buckland' and a very beautiful dark red unknown variety - a transplant from a friend's garden which is establishing itself very nicely. Also included is good old Lady's Mantle, alchemilla mollis, and a couple of sprays from the black elder, sambucus 'Black Beauty'.

This is my favourite white rose, 'Tranquility'.

The climber, 'Susie' - only put in last year but doing so well.

'Carefree Days' - a patio rose that has other ideas! We transferred her from a pot to the border and she is now flourishing and outgrowing all expectations!

Some of the roses have no name, for example this stunning and heavily scented deep pink climber - pictured here with white clematis grandiflora.

Other roses included are the pale pink 'Happy Retirement' and a bud from the very striking 'Hot Chocolate' - brown in bud opening to a vivid orange.

And now for a cautionary tale. As you can see, I placed the vase on the dining room dresser overnight and then wished I hadn't. This morning the room was filled with the most pungent odour! On investigation I found it was coming from those pretty little black elder flowers. It completely masked the perfume from the roses. I have, of course, now removed the offending sprays!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you will pop over to Cathy's blog, Rambling In The Garden, where you will find links to many more beautiful arrangements to admire.


Donna said...

Oh Elizabeth what a wonderful time in the garden when the roses bloom.....your vase is so lovely displaying them!

Ciar said...

Wonderful roses - and now we know to avoid black elderflower!

outlawgardener said...

Such beautiful roses and your setting is lovely! I learned the same thing about elderflowers a few weeks ago. We were searching the house thinking that the dogs had had an accident inside until we realized the odor was coming from the flowers.

Elizabeth said...

We're getting the perfect weather for roses - it won't last but we're enjoying it while it does. Oh, and yes, big mistake with the elder flowers - who knew that something so pretty could smell so bad!

Kris Peterson said...

What a wonder it must be to have all your roses swing into bloom at the same time! In my case, I'd be happy if mine would bloom at all - it's been too dry this year for them I think. I'm glad you quickly found the basis for the unpleasant odor - if that happened here, my husband would be blaming the cat.

Sandra H said...

Ooh next time you will know not to put them in the same vase Elizabeth the roses look lovely not all roses have a smell l have really old roses in my garden and they have the nicest fragrance love your post xx