Monday, 18 June 2018

Monday Make - Sparkly Crochet Lap Throw

Morning Everyone,

Thought I should share this little throw today.

It's one of a very long list of UFOs and it's only taken me 6 years - yes, 6 years - to complete! It's not that it was anything complicated, just nine Grannie squares and a border but it got abandoned half way through the making and ended at the back of a cupboard. That is, until recently when I decided I just had to do something about it. The red and black yarns have a metallic thread running through them which was one of the reasons I abandoned the throw all those years ago - the yarn would split when I wasn't paying attention. The other is that black yarn is - now that my eyesight isn't what it used to be - difficult to work with, particularly in the evening which is when I prefer to crochet. Anyway, it's done and the intended recipient is delighted, even if she is now 6 years old!

Have a lovely day.


Liz said...

Your lap throw is beautiful, very striking in red, white and black. I dread to think how many unfinished projects I have lurking about in the back of a cupboard! LOL! xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Better late than never I say! I know what you mean about crocheting with dark yarn in low light levels, it's not good - so well done for persevering with it and getting it finished!
Hugs LLJ xxx

Annie said...

Well done for completing looks so much prettier too in real life.
Annie x