Monday, 23 March 2020

In A Vase On Monday - Rays of Sunshine

Afternoon Everyone,

Afternoons of early spring sunshine have encouraged the daffodils/narcissus in our garden to burst into flower. And a cheering sight they are too.
Rather than just go out and pick every bloom there is, I've been selective and left as many blooms as possible for me to enjoy on my daily trips around the garden. I've added a few sprigs of rosemary, variegated myrtle and winter jasmine. I wish I could name this gorgeous, and sweetly scented, narcissus, but it's just one of the many planted by my husband so there's no label to refer to.
Spot the rays of sunshine tempting me outdoors. During these trying times, those of us with gardens, big or small, are the lucky ones. I'm even loving the weeds!

Linking this post to Cathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday, on Rambling in the Garden and joining with many others who share whatever they have found to put in a vase this week. If you have filled a vase today, I'm sure you would be very welcome to join in too.

Stay safe and keep well.


Linda Simpson said...

Stunning! A beautiful delight to see.
Linda xxx

AlisonC said...

I'm enjoying all the sunshine in this weeks vases (and the actual sunshine). Stay well and enjoy your garden, there will be more to see every day.

cuilliesocks said...

That's such a cheerful display Elizabeth, absolutely beautiful. Hope you are both keeping well and safe Kate x

Kris Peterson said...

Lovely and cheerful, Elizabeth! I used a similar, if not identical, daffodil in a vase this week. Mine is called 'White Lion'.

Cathy said...

Ooh, that jug itself is gorgeous, even without the contents! And yellow is always such a great foil for the blue, so a lovely combination - thanks for sharing it with us

dutchess said...

Flowers are such a cheer up Eizabeth...we are spending lots of time in the garden as well...I don’t think it has been this tidy for years....we have even been doing trimming back...cutting the grass...oh my goodness but at least it takes our minds of the horror that is sweeping the country...take care and stay safe xxx