Friday, 27 March 2020

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone,

As Annie has said this morning, it's more important than ever to look for reasons to smile and keep our spirit up. So here I'm sharing, for her Friday Smiles meme, are some of the photos my family have shared this week to make me smile.

First up is a pic of my grandson, William, with little Callum, busy investigating online educational sources.
After online lessons it was down to real hands on stuff.
A joint effort from father and son.

My sister Margaret is in lockdown at the care home she lives in.
Because no visitors are allowed at this time, the staff at the care home surprised my niece, Louise,with this lovely photo of her, all made up and looking fabulous.
My cousin, Rick, in Australia, posted this pic of his gorgeous granddaughter, Grace - the apple of his eye.
And this is the newest granddog in the family, Flight. My grandson, Josh's fiance, Annie, trains collies - she has five. Flight is the puppy of the pack. We particularly love his markings, especially the spots on his nose and forehead.

And finally, not a funny, just my way of showing support for the wonderful people who are working so hard to save lives right now. I worked for the NHS, as a secretary and administrator, for many years, so I'm only too aware of the strain that's being put on this beloved health service of ours.

I hope you are coping well during these difficult times. Stay as safe as you are able and keep well.


Annie said...

What a lovely post today Ellie. Modern technology really will be the thing that will help to get us all through this madness by keeping us in touch with our loved ones. Really gorgeous photos of them all Ellie.
As an ex nurse I am really aware of the extra pressures this is putting on so many lives...they deserve medals each and every one of them.
I love the latest addition to your family...Flight really does have lovely markings and just look at those eyes.
Stay safe my friend and keep smiling.
Annie x

dutchess said...

A real cheer up post today lovely to see your family ,we are staying home and staying safe’s hard but we have the garden and crafting to keep us going ...we are so lucky compared to so many our wonderful NHS and dedicated staff...and yesterday we managed to get some toilet rolls ....we were down to our last 2 and eying up the radio times,things seem to be settling down in the shops and they have the social distancing down to a fine art now...
Taking one day at a time ....stay safe and well xxxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, lovely photos of the family and the new addition. You're right we have a lot to be thankful for with the great NHS that we have in this country. Take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

Lisca said...

I'm an ex-nurse too. I heard from my sister, that in England at a certain time, everyone was applauding the NHS people. From open windows, balconies or front doors. Everyone in her village did it and I am sure all over the country. In Scotland too?
Your grandies put a smile on my face as did the dog. I'm sure we are all going to be more computer savvy, now communication really depends on internet. I love the photo of your sister.
Take care, stay safe,
and keep smiling,

mamapez5 said...

That is a lovely post Elizabeth. I think it is wonderful that we can keep in contact with family members all over the world in these tough times.
I am with you in supporting the NHS. They are doing an amazing job just as our Spanish health workers are over here. My niece is a nurse and she is so upset that she can't get to visit her elderly mum who was only widowed a year ago. Her mum is, of course, my sister and I have another sister living nearby and I am sure they are checking up on one another, but it is worrying times for all of them.
Stay positive and keep smiling. Kate x

Linda Simpson said...

Beautiful post Elizabeth and great to see family photos too especially while we are all in isolation. Have a great weekend.
Linda xxx

Sandra H said...

Another of your great posts Elizabeth love the photos stay safe it’s going to be a long time before we get back to reality xx

Catriona said...

Lovely photos and thank goodness for modern technology which lets us all stay in touch. Blue skies this morning so a little time in the garden is calling.💕

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am SO SORRY to be late visiting. I can't seem to stay on the internet due to my provider's (ATT) inability to determine the problem, even after replacing cables and connectors. I experienced more internet woes, since it rained yesterday into the night. I'm SO tired of this. I can take the lock down (I have until April 24), but not lacking an internet connection.

Your photos of family put a smile on my face, too. It's good you can share photos over the internet. I'd say be thankful for that, too.

We don't have NHS, but I'm glad you spotlighted them. Our first responders are doing a fabulous job in the states, too. Have a super rest of the weekend, Elizabeth.

Zoe Tant said...

What a lovely post with all those fab pictures. Heres hoping everyone stays safe. Hugs Zoe x