Friday, 8 November 2019

Friday Smiles

Hello and Happy Friday to you,

It's been a busy week here at the Worthingtons. We've been working in the garden - leaf clearing being one of the biggest jobs. It's the cherry trees - their leaf fall seems endless. Also the EM has been busy creating wildlife habitats, photos of which I thought I'd share for Annie's Friday Smiles.
This is his most recent make. Simply a pile of tree and shrub cuttings which, hopefully, will provide much needed shelter for the hedgehogs over the winter. There is this  much more palatial residence for them but I don't think they have been tempted up to now.
To tempt them we've provided some lovely new bedding just outside - how can Mr & Mrs Hedgie resist!

Bug hotels!
Toilet roll inners make the basis of this one. More straw has been stuffed inside. Now it's a 4* block of flats, ideally positioned on a trellis in the hope that it will attract some of the many solo bees that need to overwinter in a cosy place. That's in addition to this one that's been up for a few years.
And this bug hotel that we built about five or six years ago.
I think even Chris Packham would give a thumbs up to the EM's efforts to help wildlife through winter.

It's been an absolutely stunning day here - a sharp frost in the morning followed by blue skies and sunshine - so my heart goes out to anyone and everyone suffering the heavy rain and flooding in and around Matlock, Derbyshire, today. Stay safe and, hopefully, out of harms way.

That's it from me today. I hope there's been many reasons for you to smile, and if you have, please share it with Annie too - the more the merrier.

Have a lovely, and safe, weekend.


Annie said...

Hi Ellie. So lovely to see you joining in with your smiles this week. Really love all the homes for the little critters...I’m sure they will all feel very welcome at yours ( I know I do 🥰j
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, your Critter lodges are brilliant and I'm sure they will be much appreciated. The NEC show at this time of the year is big because it has Crafts, Art's Live, Gifts and Cake International but the earlier one which is about March time is just the Crafting stuff and it's quite a bit smaller. So pleased to see you've had some nice weather, we've had lots of rain but thank goodness not like Yorkshire. The fish are still swimming in the pond not around the garden. Lets hope it subsides soon. My parents live in South Yorkshire not far from Rotherham but so far they're okay....fingers crossed. Have a great weekend, Angela XxX

mamapez5 said...

I love all the efforts at wildlife habitats. I hope you will be richly rewarded with lots of visitors over the winter.
The blue skies behind the trees looks beautiful. I don't mind the frost and cold when the sky is blue.
My sons home in Birmingham is surrounded by cherry, chestnut and oak trees and the falling leaves were like a continuous snowfall. The poor work men made little impact on them.
I hope you have some more lovely autumnal days before the winter sets in.
Kate x

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous photos and I love your critter hotels - just wonderful! xxx

Lisca said...

I hope you get lots of visitors this winter. You certainly have made them enough accommodation. I love those critter hotels, but I must admit, the hedgehog lodge is my favorite.
Keep smiling,