Wednesday, 6 November 2019

WOYWW Week 544

Hello Everyone,

Another Wednesday means we all have another opportunity to join in with Julia on her Stamping Ground to reveal what is, ... or, as is in my case, what is not ... happening on our desks this today.
I despair! There's really been no progress since last week. Yes, the stuff dumped there has changed - I did clear the desktop after last week's photograph - but otherwise there has been no crafting going on. There's a pile of old photo packs and one new one all waiting to be dealt with. The old ones were discovered in my daughter's attic when she moved house recently. They are with me now to be scanned and saved before they are lost forever. The fabric stuff is called MPC (Multi Purpose Cloth). I got it from Etsy after watching a YouTube demo on stitchesbyjulia - yes, another crafty Julia! - where she used Color Bursts to decorate the surface before making it into zipper bags. I thought I'd give it a go. Here's a link to the demo:
The fabric has a smooth side, for colouring, and a fleece side. Behind the fabric there's a few keepsakes from my grandson's wedding. The plan is, of course, to make a scrap page with them.
And from my window this is the view - the EM building a natural habitat for any little creature that needs to shelter over winter. This is only one of many in the garden - we have bug hotels everywhere.

After I posted some photos from the wedding at the weekend, both on Facebook and here, it was noted by the eagle-eyed that there was none of the EM and me.
Seems they are more scarce than hen's teeth but the best man, grandson Josh, did get this one of our table ... the 'grandparent's' table! Here we are sitting next to our son, Alun, and his partner, Elaine. A reminder of a very happy day for everyone.

Now, the book bit.
And for a change, I'm listening to a childhood classic, 'The Wind In The Willows' written by Kenneth Grahame. The narrator, the late Sir Michael Hordern, does the job perfectly - great voice. This charming book was first published in 1908 and has, for me, stood the test of time. It's not just the adventures, and misadventures, of  Mole, Rat, Toad, and Badger that make it such a pleasure to listen to but also the descriptions of the countryside in spring ... when I was a child I would have loved to spend spring in the Wild Wood with them. Still would today.

That's it from me today. Be sure to pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to visit so many more desks today.

I hope you are having a wonderful WOYWW and wish you a great week ahead.


My name is Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth! That fabric sounds interesting but I'm not going to watch the video - too many other things to do already! I do like a talking book but I've got out of the habit lately. Might set one for my craft room, less irritating than the radio can be sometimes! Happy WOYWW Cindy #19

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh Michael Horden was a genius, he had such a marvellous voice...what a treat to listen to him reading. Lovely pic of you and EM at the wedding, so glad you had such a wonderful time. The cloth sounds interesting but I'm going to resist that tutorial, I don't need another craft to do!
Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

Helen said...

So glad the wedding was wonderful even if there are few photos of you! Not much changed on my desk really, despite the card assembly! Helen #4

Annie said...

Never heard of the fabric Ellie but will be watching what you do with it. As for the photo.....simply gorgeous. What a happy photo of you all.
Annie x #10

glitterandglue said...

Hi Elizabeth. I should think Michael Horden's voice exactly right for Wind in the Willows. Great story! What strange fabric - must pop over to see the video - but wouldn't dare buy the fabric and get addicted to anything else - teehee! Fantastic screen shot on your computer - oh my!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7

Crafting With Jack said...

Happy WOYWW ! Interesting fabric, I haven't put a zip in for a huge amount of years though. I am with you on the visit to the woods. I really miss walking through woods.

Little Dorrit does... said...

Like others I'll be watching with interest to see how the fabric project turns out whilst avoiding the temptation to add another thing to my "must try" list, lol. I joined Audible earlier this year so I could listen to Stephen Fry reading Sherlock Holmes stories during my hip replacement op, and it has been wonderful for keeping me entertained through some of the long, sleepless nights that followed. If you were an Anne of Green Gables fan as a girl I highly recommend the Rachel MacAdams version!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Michael Horden....wonderful. Some voices are just so perfectly cast arent they! I love The Wind in The Willows, I have a much loved copy and can’t really recall how many times Ive read it. The wedding pics were wonderful, and so nice to see you both in a photo too. I just love that sense of love and goodwill that swirls about at a family occasion like that. AS for the desk Miss is full of good intention and thats great - that fabric sounds marvellous. I will be back to follow the link!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I'm a photo dodger too always the one behind the camera and never the one in front. Looks like a magnificent day. Such a busy time of year for everyone, it's a blessing if any of us can fit any crafty time in. I'm currently working in four areas around the house, my borrowed Daughters area is my safe place haa haa! Happy WoywW Tracey #11

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I shall pop back tomorrow and watch the video, sounds interesting. Looks like you've had a busy week. Wishing you a happy woyww too, Angela x11x

Sarah Brennan said...

It is good to finally see a wedding photo including the two of you Elizabeth. it certainly looked like a great day from the photos on FB. Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #5

Caro said...

That fabric sounds intriguing! I look forward to hearing about your results. Lovely to see a photo of you at the wedding. Sorry for the late visit this week. Happy belated WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#14)