Friday, 25 January 2019

Friday Smiles

Afternoon Everyone,

Once again I'm joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles but, and this is, yet again, we've been, due to the chilly temperatures, very much home buddies this week so I had to look hard for smiley photos. Happily, life always gives us something to smile about so here goes. 

We had our first, and possibly last, snowfall on Tuesday and this was the windscreen before we set out for our foot care appointment. We're both of an age when we find it so much easier to have someone lavish care in that part of our anatomy! Our travelling companions don't look too upset and I'm sure they always enjoy a trip out.
Afterwards we had tea in Tescos. That sounds like a good title for a book! When we don't feel like cooking the restaurant at our nearest supermarket does the job for us. The EM obviously was in good humour anticipating his sausage and mash. Macaroni cheese for me.

Not only is it Burn's birthday but it's also my auntie Jean's and her son Rick's, making it a very special day indeed. They both live very far away in Australia as you can probably tell from this photo of my auntie.
At 82 Jean is my youngest auntie, just 11 years old when I was born, and together with her older sister, Betty, it was like having two older sisters around.
Rick, at 55, is Jean's youngest son and he's just become a grandfather. He's absolutely delighted, as you can see and I'm so happy to have yet another little cousin to coo over.
Little Grace Lily Ann is simply gorgeous.

Finally, I finished this cowl that I've been crocheting from a kit brought back from Wales last year.
I don't do selfies but had to try for one modeling the cowl.
The EM had me in stitches!!!

So that's another week when I found more to smile about than I expected. Hope you have had as much to smile about too.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Annie said...

That's a lovely photo of you really made me smile. I'me getting to the stage that to have someone to see to my feet sounds a good idea....but I hate anyone touching my feet so not sure how I'd go with that. Welcome to the world little Grace Lily Ann....all the best folk have Ann in their name ;-)
Have a great week my friend and stay cosy.
Annie x

Carole Pollard said...

Great photos love your make love and hugs Carole x

mamapez5 said...

Great to have so many things to smile about. A lovely piece of crochet work, and a lovely lady modelling it!
Your family sounds a bit like mine with the generations getting a bit confused I was an aunty six months before I was born, and as I am the youngest of eight, with six of them born pre-war, and two of us after it, my children have cousins who should be aunties by age, and there is only six years between my youngest son and oldest grandchild! But we are really just one big happy family, and I can see your family is important to you too, and Grace Lily Ann is beautiful. Kate xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Another great week Elizabeth, hope the weekend is full of smiles too. Angela xXx

Sandra H said...

Beautiful photos Elizabeth and l just love the selfie you look so relaxed and contented with life gorgeous photos of baby Grace Lily Anne must be so regarding your families sound lovely take care and enjoy your day hopefully no more snow x

Ali said...
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