Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Hogmanay Post 2017

These are a few of the people and things that have
made Christmas happy for the EM & I this year.

Another year almost gone and, with the exception of this last month, it's been a good one. December, never my favourite month, has been filled with tragedy for several family members and so I, for one, am happy to see it out. And with the help of Storm Dylan it's going out like a lion. Still no hoped for snow, instead we have had winds of 85 mph whipping around the house most of the morning. The wind has died down now so hopefully the first day of 2018 will be ushered in like a lamb and January will be a better month for us all - maybe bringing me that much wanted snowfall.  I can but dream!

Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra
I'll leave you with this photo of the AFO greeting us at the local Tesco supermarket yesterday and just say that I wish you, and yours, the very best for 2018.


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, I hope you get what you are wishing for in the New Year. I'm not letting on exactly but I know that I will definitely be seeing snow soon. Happy New Year and big hugs, Angela xXx

Sue Jones said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry December was such an awful month- was for us too. I love it when Christmas is over as I can start to look forward to longer,lighter days and Spring. Hope you get your snow ( not a big fan myself - lovely though a window ;) ) .
Happy New year
sue xx