Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday Smile

Hi Everyone,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your smiley posts this last week  It's so good that in these troublesome times we can still find things to be happy about. This week I've been very busy in the garden so no trip out, except to the garden centre to buy two climbing roses, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been things to smile about so here's another Friday Smile post for Annie at A Stitch In Time.

Warning! Another photo heavy post follows.

My niece, Louise, popped in for a short visit and brought this little cutie called Kruiser, with her. He's only thirteen weeks old, adorable and loves being cuddled. Even himself quite took to him though he isn't too comfortable with tiny puppies.
And what about this one. My daughter's Jack Russell, Max, being nosy. He's a very busy wee dog that likes to know everything that is going on.
Then there's our great-grandchildren, Rhian, Lacie and Brodie. I love this photo their mum, Jenny, took one morning as they were all walking to the school Rhian, the oldest, attends. They have all just got over chickenpox so it's back to the usual  weekday morning routine.
Then there's this one of the other great-grandchild, Callum, learning to drive already. His dad thinks he shows early promise!
As I've mentioned that I've been gardening I thought I'd share just one photo from the garden because I just love this tiny tulip, T. Humulis 'Persian Pearl. I'd forgotten the packet of bulbs - they should have all been planted last autumn - but I took a chance and put them in the alpine trough when I planted it up a few weeks ago. Surprise, surprise - they've decided to bloom despite my neglect!
I'll leave you with this photo - it just about sums up my days at the moment :)

I wish you all a very happy, smiley, week.


Annie said...

Oh Ellie. What a gorgeous selection of happy pics today. They all made me smile. That little puppy is simply gorgeous. Milly's mummy has had a surprise little of two little pups this week and I'm waiting to see pics of them. [Mum must have been in season while the owners were on they say while the cats away......].
Thanks for sharing your smiles.
Annie x

Valerija said...

Wonderful photos. Love the little cute puppy.
Valerija xx

Tina Z. said...

oo, so many lovely photos, thank you for brighten my day - here is raining all day ...
have a great weekend.
hugs xx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Wonderful smiles Elizabeth thanks for sharing that tulip how amazing it responded even though not planted in time, very cute puppy, but even cuter pickies of your grandees. Wonderful shot.
Thanks for sharing your smiles!
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Neet said...

Oh Elizabeth, the picture of Max is so funny. Love the angle you got him at - am sure you need a caption for that one!
Kruiser sounds as if it should be a big dog - bit of a bruiser - he is quite the opposite isn't he.
Great grandee pictures - the black and white one could have been taken years ago - funny how we automatically think of b&w as being old photos and yet they are so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing the tulip - stunning.
Hugs, Neet xx

Veerle said...

What a cutie pie that puppy. Love his big head on that photo so funny.
Lovely pic's Elisabeth. Gr Veerle

Lisca said...

Loads of happy piccies today. Little Kruiser is so cute and Max is very photogenetic.
Your grandies are so sweet, all holding hands.
I love that tulip! Typical Dutch character! And I love that saying in the garden. I think I will have a similar one, but without the gardening bit....
Have a great weekend,

mamapez5 said...

It is good to get out in the garden, and in places like Scotland you have to take the chances when they come. How lovely that your little tulips flowered for you. I love the sign. That sums up how I feel.
I enjoyed sharing some family photos. What a lovely set of great-grandchildren you have. We are so blessed aren't we!. have a good week. Kate x