Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday Smiles

Hi Everyone,

It's Friday and I have three photos that made me smile this week to share with you and Annie at a Stitch In Time.

First up is this photo of Burns Cottage, home of Scotland's Bard, Rabbie Burns, all wrapped up to celebrate Burns Night on 25th January.
As every year, we celebrated with a traditional Burns Supper - mashed potatoes and neeps (swede) and haggis - delicious :)
Next - a BOGOFF from mother nature herself - two oranges for the price of one ... unpeeled by my bloggy friend, Sarah - The Handmade Card Blog.  Incidentally, Sarah will be demonstrating for IndigoBlu in the Craft Centre at Cardwell Garden Centre tomorrow, Saturday, 31st January - more details on her blog. It was Sarah, four or more years ago, who persuaded me to start my own blog so, as you can imagine, I'm really looking forward to meeting her, in the flesh, at last :)
And finally, spotted this on FaceBook and thought the crocheters out there would appreciate the sentiment :)

Although the weather isn't too good here, I know a great many of you are suffering far worse - much snow and a freezing wind chill factor according to the reports - so I hope the above has made you smile even if for only a moment.

Take care, stay warm and stay safe,


Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth. It's good to see you joining in again and I'm hoping you are still making a good steady recovery. I really love nature's looks like the outer segments are holding the little one safely :-)
It has been a difficult week here but Rocky seems to slowly be adapting to being without his sister....I took him for a hair cut, manicure and a good pampering today so he is being spoiled rotten....we will get there :-)
Annie xxxx

Lilly's Mom said...

Hi Elizabeth. Greetings from California. Thank you so much for the kind comment you left me. The pictures you shared today really put a smile on my face :) wishing you a Happy Friday.

Sue said...

What fab pictures Elizabeth I always wanted to live in a thatched cottage when I was little :) have a lovely weekend huggles Sue xx

Angie said...

Loved the image of the cottage, that must have taken a bit of effort.

Sandra H said...

Hi Elizabeth.........great post as always l thought the cottage with the ribbon on was a nice one at that too!! not often you get two fruits for the price of one and l do like oranges and had to laugh at the third so cool! we are not too bad weather wise it's been cold but no snow although a little snow and sleet that didn't last too long xx

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth, what a super post, making me smile - love the photo of Burns Cottage though, that would've been fun putting up, and love the crochet sweater. Have a great weekend Robyn

mamapez5 said...

I love that double orange. I haven´t seen such a perfect one before. The Burns cottage made me smile too. Even out here in Spain, there were several Burns night celebrations going on.
I made a card for my DIL that said ¨I knit so that I don´t unravel¨. That was originally a crochet one too.
Thanks for the smiles. Kate x

Redanne said...

Well, your photos really did make me smile! I think the sentiment on the sweatshirt is just fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing and thank you for your visit too, much appreciated! Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth ...

It was lovely to meet you yesterday after all this time! It was a great crafty day and thank you so much for coming along especially after your recent illness.

Love that you shared the orange (s). :-)

Hopefully we will meet again soon... You are a wee treasure

Lots of love
Sarah xx

Hettie said...

Love that Burns' cottage all wrapped up! We enjoyed our Haggis at the Burns' Night and I didn't do a bad Highland Fling and Lilt!
We managed to pick up some left over Haggis and enjoyed some fried with smoked bacon, baked beans and egg for breakfast on the day!
Nom Nom Nom!