Monday, 22 December 2014

In A Vase On Monday

Afternoon Everyone,

Here we are at the last In A Vase Monday post before Christmas and I haven't actually got a vase of anything to show today. Seriously, it's far too rainy to venture out into the garden even though I can see there is plenty of material out there. There are a number of evergreens and lots of berries just perfect for arrangements ... all that's needed is a dry day. One is promised for tomorrow - too late! Instead I'll show you our 2014 Amaryllis.
Is there any bulb more perfect at this time of year? I love huge trumpet shaped flowers, the vibrancy of the colour and the gorgeous petals that are just like velvet.

Perhaps I should explain the patterned paper bag you can see there ... it's something I made to cover the tops of the cane supports. My resident handyman, for reasons of Elf & Safety, covered the tops of the two canes with some sponge held on with silver gaffer tape!! His main concern was that our great-grandchildren might injure themselves on them ... the canes are, after all, just about the height of an unwary toddler's eyes. But silver gaffer tape, though beloved of handymen the world over, has to be one of my pet hates, hence the pretty paper covers.
Hidden at the back is a second bud just about to open out.  I've only just noticed that there is a vase in this shot ... it contains three red Pelargonium flower heads cut from the two plants that I have on the kitchen windowsill. I was taking cuttings from them and it seemed a shame to toss the flowers so they've been saved. As they are bright red they look like part of the festive decorations :) You can also see better the red gingham ribbon used to tie those little paper bags to the canes.
In this shot you can spot the Pelargoniums just above the Amaryllis and there's even a glimpse our tree. My two favourite colours at any time of the year are red and green so, as you can imagine, I'm in my element right now. Makes me wish it was Christmas all year round :)

And that is my vase for this week. All that's left for me to do is thank Cathy, once again, for hosting this weekly challenge and to wish all my fellow in-a-vase-on-Mondayers a wonderful and fun time during the upcoming festivities.

Happy Holidays,


Anonymous said...

They are a great seasonal flower, aren't they Elizabeth? And what a good idea to cover the tops - I suppose they could also be covered with a bauble or a that's an idea! Thanks so much for taking time to join in - these vases or pots on a Monday always bring us such pleasure, don't they? ps hope it is less rainy for you soon ;)

Kris Peterson said...

Your Amaryllis is beautiful, Elizabeth, and I love the story behind the cane support covers. (You can tell the toddlers they were designed to protect Santa when he comes down the chimney.) The Pelargonium are perfect too. Best wishes for a merry Christmas!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth, The amaryllis is beautiful! If that tape is anything like duct tape, I can fully understand you dressing it up!

There's no more flowers or blooming shrubs in my yard. We've had so many days of below freezing temperature although we haven't had much snow.


Anonymous said...

That's an impressive Amaryllis Elizabeth. It's rainy here today also. Hope you can get outside soon. Have a lovely holiday. Susie

Bobbie Lynn said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Elizabeth.
Happy New Year too! : )