Monday, 8 December 2014

In A Vase On Monday - Berry Beautiful

Evening Everyone,

After a very busy day out and about I had just about enough daylight to nip into the garden and collect these bright berries for In a Vase on Monday, the weekly challenge from Cathy over at Rambling in the Garden.
I did no more than stuff a few sprigs from the skimmia  into a white jug, tucked a couple of twigs from one of my husband's recently planted holly bushes - ilex Golden King - before deciding it was done :)
Despite it's name this holly is female and though it's early days it should eventually bear berries too, especially as it's one of two planted at the same time - the other being a male specimen, of course.
I've placed the jug on the plant stand in the hall to provide a bright and cheery welcome for visitors now that winter is very definitely here ... brrr! We found the plant stand in the loft just after we moved in, forgotten and unloved. It's probably been up there for a couple of decades. I have plans to give it a makeover some day but in the meantime I give it TLC with regular waxing. The trees, lights and decorations are all up and I think the little red pillar box ornament, one of my favourites, looks just right with the jug of berries.

Once again, many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who with this challenge is responsible for encouraging me to bring a little of the garden inside each week to enjoy!

Happy Gardening,


  1. Hello Elizabeth, beautiful display, Kate x

  2. The contrast of the green and red with the white jug is perfect, Elizabeth, isn't it? I am pretty sure our variegated holly is Golden King - very few berries for us this year and it's not the birds this time so i am guessing it must be a weather thing :(

  3. Holly makes a lovely seasonal statement. It is so festive. Susie

  4. It's a very cheerful vase, Elizabeth, and I suspect it'll hold up quite a while.

  5. so pretty the berries are such a bright red gorgeous love and hugs Carole x

  6. So pretty Elizabeth l have those in my garden and l'm about to pick some too! x


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