Thursday, 18 September 2014

Referendum Day - Scotland Decides

Evening Everyone,

It's an historic day here in Scotland and, of course, I've been down to the polling station and cast my vote.
It wouldn't be Scotland if we didn't have someone in a kilt to greet us.

For those that don't know, everyone here in the Scotland has been asked to decide whether Scotland should be become an independent country or not. A momentous decision to make.

All we have to do now is wait on tenterhooks to hear the result!


scrappymo! said...

I am watching the news on TV for the outcome. It is a day for the history books, for sure!

cuilliesocks said...

It certainly is a momentous day Elizabeth, the Highlands are bouncing with it all, but what ever the outcome, we will all have to pull together, as this is going to change the face of politics the length and breadth of the UK. Kate x

RosC said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I've been in the background all this year, still creating but not so much.
Just want to send best wishes for this momentous referendum. However the result turns out, there will be ramifications and a tussle between head and heart is the most difficult. I know I would be finding it difficult. I hope it is not divisive in the end and that pulling together prevails.

Jackie said...

Well, Scotland has made it's choice Elizabeth, I hope you are not disappointed, but the wind of change is coming now, hopefully for the better for all of you up there.
Hugs, Jackie xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah have been thinking and praying for your dear land, Elizabeth.
.. it is dear to my heart even if don't live there.. have friends who do. May God bless your dear land and ours in all decisions made.
Think the results are in from what I have heard in most places..
love Shaz in Oz.x

Anne said...

Hello Elizabeth. I have to say that I am pleased to hear that we are staying a United Kingdom but I know there will be many disappointed people out there and I feel for them as well. X

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I have been hearing about this for a few weeks on my local talk radio station from the people who want to stay with the UK or become independent. A very interesting time for your country. I just heard this morning that Scotland will remain under the UK. I hope and pray that it will be the better for all its citizens. I see that it was a close vote.
Have a wonderful day.
Bobbie Lynn

crafty cat corner said...

I can understand the Scots wanting to be independent and son who lives in Ayr has two sons who are not strictly Scot but who both have strong Glaswegian accents, they feel Scottish but my son and his wife still feel English, so a mixed vote there.
I just feel it would have been a shame to lose the Union Jack but then I'm old fashioned. lol