Monday, 27 May 2013

Two Fabric Hearts ... getting into sewing again.

Afternoon Everyone,

Not such a good one here - somewhat damp and dreadful - but that's okay ... I have a scrap page to complete and my new sewing machine to play with too :)
Not easy to photograph and this is the best I could do but I hope you can see the lace detail on the cream/white heart.

They're not perfect, and I beg you not to enlarge and scrutinise them too closely, but I'm chuffed to bits with them. I've figured it out that it's about 20 years since I did any serious sewing with a machine. For a variety of reasons ... a series of life changing events, my old and much loved machine finally giving up the ghost (probably due to neglect) and then the acquisition of the 'machine from hell' were all contributory factors. A new machine that performs like a dream and here I am sewing again ... albeit on very small practice projects.

I didn't have a template so I opened up the MS Publisher software and imported the heart from the 'autoshapes' function. Sized it up to fit an A4 sheet and printed it off ... it is not a perfect heart shape as I discovered but it got me started. Some scraps of fabric - bought for cardmaking purposes - matching thread, a length of lace and some gold ribbon and we have two hearts. Oh, and I opened up an unused pillow and pinched some of the stuffing!

The resident hunter/gatherer has just arrived home ready for lunch so I'm off to join him but I will be back ... there's that scrap page to complete :)

Hope you are enjoying rather better weather and having a good Monday,

Happy crafting,


  1. Well done you - they are lovely! x Jo

  2. Absolutely brilliant Elizabeth - I think you and your new sewing machine are going to be best buddies!

    Hugs, Di xx

  3. Hello Elizabeth and I love your hearts - well done!! It has not been too bad a day here but as now gone very dark so I guess we will soon get the rain. Been very windy though. Anne x

  4. Oh I am so pleased for you ...they are gorgeous ....I think I have the 'brother' of your machine from hell ....will I ever manage to tame it ????

  5. Elizabeth they are fantastic well done you!! x

  6. They are beautiful Elizabeth, what a lovely start to your friendship with your new sewing machine :o)
    Jackie xx

  7. I did enlarge in order to see the lace which looks lovely by the way. It's good to get back and re aquatint with old crafts. You never really loose them. Bit like learning to ride a bike. Once done never forgotten. Hugs Mrs a.

  8. Gorgeous work Elizabeth...I love hearts I have them hanging all over the house... these two are Beautiful..Hugs May x x x


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