Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 118

Morning All,

It's Wednesday so time to reveal what's going on - well, not so much what's going on as what's not going on, as you can see.

Oh, there has been a flurry of activity, but that was yesterday, today there's just a few ink dusters and THs still lying out as evidence. I think I'll have to do something about my timing - maybe deliberately plan to have a project on the go every WOYWW day :) For those not in the know this is the day we report to Julia, Head of Workdesks and link a post showing the state of our work areas - which can be anything from a kitchen table to fully fitted out garden studio ... you'd be surprised! So, if your curious, an essential requirement, pop along to the Stamping Ground and see what's what.

Now, as my desk is sssssoooooo boring today I thought I'd reveal the true extent of my ribbon & trim obsession collection - well, they are very pretty :)

First up, the ribbons that are all about a yard long, or thereabouts - I can hang these from home-made cards slotted onto rings. This gorgeousness is usually my first port of call when searching for a ribbon - it's just an arms reach away.

Next, the reel tower - my second port because it sits in a corner of the desk beside the printer and can be seen easily too. Made by the EM, and very useful storage it is. As you can see by the overspill, I think I need to ask if he might make another.

Finally, the two boxes that are stashed away out of sight on a bookcase. Here I keep ribbons that exceed 1 yard in length - too long to hang up - lace, baker's twine, binding and, most precious of all, some crocheted lace made by my late mother. The little bags you can see between the two boxes are filled with snippets. Some I've made into teeny weeny bows but the other pieces are not long enough for that - however, they can still be used as embellishments so don't get thrown away. No ribbon snippet gets thrown away - well hardly any.

Now, having seen all that, can you tell me why I can never find just what I'm looking for???? It's either the wrong shade, width, texture or too short ... sigh!

The EM is painting in the master bedroom today so I suspect it's going to be a interruptus diem, methinks, but I will endeavour to visit as many desks as I can.

Wishing you all a great WOYWW and happy crafting,


  1. Ribbons ribbons trims and fibers ...well i thought i had alot but i have feeling youve just beat
    Have happy woyww ,and a creative week ahead
    hugs judex6

  2. Oh I would keep your head down and work hard in your craft room. Just nip out to keep him topped up with cups of tea!!!

  3. You can never have Too much ribbon. My problem is to find THE right one For my project and most of time i Go to THE market to buy what i need. Only gathering more and more, shame On me

    Greetz, marjolein

  4. Wow, I thought I had a ribbon/trimmings habit, but you beat me by miles!! You made me laugh when you asked why you couldn't find a suitable piece amidst all that little lot!! Happens to me material-wise too - great excuse for buying some more, lol !! x

  5. Gorgeous ribbons :-) Hope you have lots of fun creating with them all.
    A x

  6. i wish i could store all of my ribbons together instead of have certain bits ( like you have) in certain storage. There must be a solution somewhere......but hey if we have to purchase more pretties wheres the problem in that....
    Happy crafting - sharne

  7. Phew - luscious ribbons! But it's so true that we never have the colour we want :) Gonna make Paupers Pie later this week. Oh, and I've put a link to your terrific altering of the shelves tutorial on Jude's blog......oh dear, just hopped back and see you followed me in :)) Happy WOYWW!! Di xx

  8. Oh such lovely ribbons! I too have a weakness. I've seen some awesome storage ideas on blogs but where would all the colour co ordinated jars go? Thanks for the visit and I hope you aren't too interupted today!

  9. OMG...what a ribbon stash ....what fun to rummage in ...but it is funny that no matter how much ribbon/paper etc one has it is often hard to find the piece you want. xx

  10. Oh, I LOVE your ribbon stash - stashes, lol!

  11. There are always more ribbons to buy aren't there, Elizabeth and I never seem to have exactly the one I want even with a collection equally as large as yours.
    Hope the decorating goes well.
    Hugs Lisax

  12. Thanks for a peek at your work desk! And thanks for the tip on hanging the ribbon pieces so they are handy when creating. I, too, have an fascination with pretty it.

  13. Ribbons, fabric, papers, inks, stamps, dies - it is all the same problem - never quite got what we need. For "need" see "want"!!!
    I see you have those giant makeup brushes too!

  14. Good morning, Elizabeth.
    Good to see the desk in "get go" state of readiness, and I enjoyed the tour of the ribbons. You're better organised than I am, and besides, I think I could use them more often. Perhaps if I make them more accessible, that will happen. Good reminder.
    Ros. (85)

  15. Oooh how lovely - a girl can never have enough ribbons can she!

  16. Hi there, bit of flying visit from me today but just wanted to pop in and say Hi. Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world with us this week. Hope your creative journey this week is a good one!

  17. oh I was so sure I popped in yesterday! I said, (well, I typed) that I liked your idea of your ribbon spool thingy, (a kitchen paper towel holder I thought) I have mine on a bit of doweling fitted on my shelves) but can't be seen in any of my WOYWW pictures, Happy Woyww

  18. Fab display of ribbons. Love the little chicken cabinet.

  19. Note to self...don't worry about your ribbon collection. It's no match for Elizabeth's.

    Ha! great reveal E - and oh my aren't they fabulous, and organised!!
    I'm a day late so am working with your birdcage swap right in front of me, and loving it. Tweaked the butterflies, just as you said, it's gorgeous. Thank you so much!

  20. If I was a bad person yours woudl be one of the desks I target for my theiving activities you have stash to die for...

    thanks for coming to see me yesterday,


  21. Wow, what an awesome stash!!! Thanks so much for visiting and for posting my new button!!

  22. Your ribbons remind me of mine - and I have a tower too!
    Don't forget to send your butterfly.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #4

  23. Oooh how lovely! You can never have Too much ribbon and usually no matter how much we have we don't have what we need.
    Blessings Bernie

  24. Very lovely ribons indeed there Elizabeth I peeked in on this earlier but not commented yet.. thanks for sharing, so love those ink dusters. I only see them on folks desks but methinks I have some make brushes that would work just as well and have few of them doing absolutely nothing ...mmm! Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x

  25. My goodness me. You have an Aladins cave of gorgeousness. Saw the first pic and thought yep about as much as I have and then the second and third pictures sent me into overload!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  26. Have tried to answer the ribbon question multiple times myself, despite having an entire chest of drawers filled with ribbon and one of lace, i never have what I want to use at the time.

    I have lots of granny lace too, it doesnt get use, every now and again I take it out just to look at and admire & enjoy the memories.


  27. Hi elizabeth, same problem! Lots of ribbon, but never the perfect one! :^( patsy

  28. I could never work out why my DH and my Dad had loads of screws but NEVER the right one for the job, now I know! It will be a perfect shade but not the right size, or the perfect size and shade but not long enough. Its a wonderful excuse to buy more though ;-) Ribbon is VERY addictive, oh yes. So what are you going to do with that wonderful crocheted lace?

  29. Oh wow Elizabeth, that’s some ribbon collection you have there, and I bet if you’re anything like me you still can’t resist buying more when you see something gorgeous……what am I saying, it’s all gorgeous, Lol!

    Thanks for you lovely comments of my heritage blog.
    I must admit, I had never heard of anyone miscarrying and still being pregnant but since researching I’ve heard of lots of people it’s happened to. I guess you must be felt with that feeling of always wondering how the other child would have grown and what route their life would have taken.

    Thanks for stopping by this week and thanks for becoming a follower, I look forward to seeing you.

    Happy Crafting!


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