Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WOYWW 94 - Nothing Doing Yet

Good Morning all you WOYWWers, Followers and Droppers-In

What's going on is not much. The desk is cleared - well, almost, there is only a wee tub of cut-n-dry waiting to be washed -  and ready for action. I had a clear up after the tag making section yesterday - see the tag here in last night's post. So that's the workspace - a place for everything and everything in it's place : ) Earlier this week, well Sunday actually, I had another re-organisation because the way things were was not working for me. I know, this must be about the fifth time but, it's like this, you purchase some goodies and you  find a home for them, then some more, and then some more and over time it all gets muddled up and then everything looks a 'guddle' (a good old-fashioned word for mess). That's where I was on Sunday - in a right old mess. So I re-organised. Most of the cardstock and all of the DP is now stacked on the shelf above the desk, next to the two boxes of ribbons and lace, adhesive and embroidery floss box.  The Cuttlebug is down on the right of the work area where she should be - my right hand girl  - and next to her is her box of folders, etc.

As it is all so boringly clean I thought I'd reveal another one of my drawers:

The basket is full of embossing powders and a few jars of flower soft (not used yet - something else to experiment with). Tucked down the side is my Making Memories thingy for hole punching and attaching eyelets - there's a box of those there too - and a geometry set which comes in handy occasionally. The rest you can see, Big & Juicies, stamp blocks, cut-n-dry and a purple sponge board - handy for punching holes without ruining the work surface.

Julia tells us there was a record number of WOYWWers participating last week so it will come as no surprise to you that I didn't make it round you all. I did my best but I would have to have been velcroed to this seat for the entire week to succeed and my arthritic joints would not have taken it. This is my long-winded way of apologising to those of you I did not send a comment - I may have looked but not written when time was really at a premium! So if you found it difficult to get to me then no worries - WOYWW is for fun and it is not crucial to drop in every week, it's just a bonus when you do :)

And if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, please pop over to the Head Desk Keeper, Julia at Stamping Ground by clicking on the WOYWW link at the side and happy desk hopping.

Finally, it's a lovely day here, so the EM has suggested a trip out to the new Burns Heritage Centre here in Ayr - another photo opportunity methinks. So see you all later and happy crafting.


karen said...

Your desk is so lovely and tidy! And I know what you mean about adding new stash into the old stash, at the moment I have a towering stack of stuff that needs a home, oops!
xoxo Karen (#22)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah I love the tag will opp over and leave a comment there too Elisabeth, you have had fun even if you are now in tidy up mode need to invite you to tidy out my place too as it badly needs a re-organise trouble is not sure how to..
love Shaz in Oz.x

Twiglet said...

Now I am feeling guilty - my dining table is loaded with all my wool and yarns ready for sorting and here I am blogging!!
If you haven't already, then please pop over to our blog shop and get your name down in the BIG celebration draw.

Good luck

MarkerGeek said...

Fab space!!


Cauliflower Cupcake said...

The tag is so beautiful - and your desk is fabulously tidy.
Rebecca x (32)

Sherry said...

Oh very clean, tidy and organised - even your drawer. I hope you had a lovely time visiting the Heritage Centre.

Sherry (109)

Anonymous said...

Re-orging is a never ending task, especially when we keep buying things!

Brenda 84

fairy thoughts said...

hi, very tidy desk and soooo organised. i have to tidy and re organise after buying stuff too. the best thing to do is use it all, especially on beautiful tags like yours.
see you again janet

Unknown said...

A lovely tidy desk.

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

A very tidy workspace indeed!!!

If only mine were like that.

It can start tidy in the morning but by evening I have everything everywhere again!!

Each day I try to tidy properly at least one area .. clearly there are too many "areas" in my little craft pod!!

Love the word "guddle" .. .. might have to adopt that one. LOL!!!

As for the smokey washing. I don't even know who was responsible for the smoke. I couldn't see a fire or any smoke .. .. I could just smell it wafting in through the open windows!!

Never mind - I have had a bath now and am all calm again. LOL!!

Love Jules xx

lisa said...

As always you are so neat and tidy Elizabeth. I think I need you to come down here and sort me out. I have stuff everywhere and just constantly try and sort it out without much success.
Your Spring tag is gorgeous, I've just been having a catch up and the trip you had last weekend sounds lovely. Hope you have a great one tomorrow too. The weather's brilliant at the minute isn't it.
Enjoy the sunshine.
hugs Lisax

okienurse said...

Great work space! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #162

DottyA Cards & Things said...

I love to find a new way to sort or organise something in my craft area... It just makes if so much easyer to use everything I collect.
Great job, I'll be back to see what else you come up with...
And LOVE your Tag!

Anonymous said...

After the class yestrday I seemed to have to transport half my stuff back upstairs again - even though the ladies mostly brought the basics. Love the tidyness of your space. Have been having a go myself but think the best thing to do is use it. LOL
x Tricia (60)

Tertia said...

Your desk is so clean its in danger of giving me a complex!
Happy belated WOYWW

SDCrafts said...

The thing about tidying and reorganising is that you find bits of stash you have 'forgotten' and that sparks never wasted time, is it?

Been poorly so short & sweet this week
Shirl #38 again!

Spyder said...

Oh my! hat a really tidy desk!! Oh you should see mine, I DID tidy honest but I had to make my DT , and well, it looks like a bomb's dropped! Hopefully it will be better for the next woyww. Sorry I'm sooo late! Happy WOYWW! (Lyn)

Morti said...

Your desk may be tidy, but I sense it's about to spring into action again..... LOL ..... thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

I am late visiting with being away. I love a tidy desk. That is my goal I think. heheh