Sunday, 20 March 2011

Our Saturday Jaunt

Hi Everyone,

It seems a long time since Saturday and our jaunt out. The EM got the weather forecast right, it was sunny though still a bit nippy and he was right about today too - it's been dull and drizzly all day. Methinks he has missed his vocation, instead of being a scientist he should have been a meteorologist :)

So being sunny, we went about 5 miles down the coast from Ayr to the little fishing village of Dunure. Not the bustling  harbour it once was but there is still some fishing activity and it is well-kept to encourage tourists.

The ruined Dunure Castle is quite a visitor attraction in the summer.

Because I'm usually the one taking the photographs this is a rarity. The EM is testing out his new camera so all the photos here were taken by him for a change. My jacket looks yellow here but actually it is a very pretty light green. So much for the adage the camera never lies, here it definitely is lying because as you may remember from an earlier post I never wear yellow!

Sadly the little local shop closed a couple of years ago but the building is now a really cosy cafe. After we had walked around and trawled the shingle for shells we stopped in at the cafe for a panini and a latte - lovely. There is some really nice fishing related artwork adorning the walls and shelves in the cafe so if you ever get the opportunity please take a trip over to Dunure and take a look.

I hope to be back later to announce the winner of my giveaway and show a couple of hauls I got this weekend.

In the meantime happy crafting to you all,


Carrie said...

What a wonderful looking place....I love old castles and Dunure Castle looks very mystical and good fun to explore. Thanks for sharing your adventure with me xxx

Jackie said...

Lovely photographs, no matter who took them :o)
Jackie xx

Mau xx said...

Lovely area Elizabeth, it looks a great tourist spot. Thanks for the chance to see it. I love Scotland from the borders to John o Groats....Gorgeous.
Pop over if you have time and see my area, within 5 miles ,an old smugglers cove.....well was at one It is a very busy place these days xx Mau

akilli melek said...

glad you had such a nice day out. Might have to pop over that way when i get back.
I've been stuck at home for a week with the dreaded lurgy. Off home tomorrow so having one last peek at anything blogger related until i am back at end of april.
hope you get some more nice days, and i will try to catch up with the blog when i am back in Uk again.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures Elizabeth, you were right, the new camera takes cracking photies ;-) think you might need to pinch it for your blog photos xx

Dolly Daydreams said...

Looks like you had a great day out what a beautiful place.