Monday, 29 April 2019

In A Vase On Monday - Springtime Blues

Hello Everyone,

I'm glad to be able to join in again with In A Vase On Monday over at Rambling in the Garden with Cathy - it's been a while. It's still very much spring here in this little corner of Scotland but the weather this past week has been wet and wild hence the Springtime Blues.
Photo taken on our front doorstep just for a change. Bluebells, aquilegia and forget-me-nots have self-seeded through the garden so perfect for sharing among these two vases.
There's both Spanish and English bluebells growing - happily in different parts of the garden so hopefully they will stay true to form in their separate beds. Not so the aquilegia ... they spread themselves all over, sometimes in the oddest little corners.

I did intend joining in last week, even had a vase filled and photographed, and though there is nothing blue about it I thought I'd share it here today.
A few sprigs of Forsythia Weekend 'Courtalyn', erythronium (dogtooth violets) and cowslips made up this cheerful and sunny vaseful.
I particularly like the dogtooth violets and I'm always sad to see them go over - it seems too soon when they do.

It's a busy time of year in the garden but as neither hubby or I are fit enough at the moment we've been struggling. However, we had a gardener in yesterday to clean up the long border and  he's made a great job of it. There's now lots of empty spaces just crying out to be filled with the dozens of cosmos plants I've grown from seed this year. There's also a tree on order, an Amelanchier lamarckii, - I'm looking forward to the delivery sometime soon. All the fruit trees are in blossom so hopefully we will have plenty of fruit in the autumn. We may even, for the first time,  have some plums this year judging by the amount of blossoms on hubby's tree. He was disappointed last year but it is still quite a young tree.

I wish you all a very happy week in your garden.


Cathy said...

Sorry to read that you are both finding it difficult to garden at the moment but I hope things improve for you both. Good to know that have found a gardener that you are happy with in at least the short term. I do loke your generous blues, and your photo location too. I have aquilegia in bud too but not blooming yet, so yours are earlier than mine. I am glad you were still able to enjoy your own vase last week and thank you for sharing today's.

Kris Peterson said...

The pink and blue mix is lovely (and it has me wondering where my own Aquilegia are) but my favorite is the yellow arrangement, which sings of Spring. Best wishes filling those vacancies in the garden.

Stasher said...

Each of the little vases is full of spring treasures. The ones what self seed as lovely...and you are right, the dog tooth violets flower then go, hastened this year by the very warm bouts of weather. I'm pleased you saw fit to get your border sorted out, now you can enjoy it, and get pleasure all through the summer. Enjoy your fruit blossom....

Sandra H said...

So pretty x

scrappymo! said...

Your floral displays look so pretty, Elizabeth. I am a big fan of columbines and at one time I had several varieties in my garden. But my garden is much smaller now and I just have two...the navy and white as well as the common pink and yellow. I am contemplating adding a white double ruffled one this year!