Wednesday, 24 April 2019

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 516

Hello Everyone,

I know we all say just about the same thing every week but I don't know what the devil has happened to the last seven days! They've gone in a puff of smoke and there's not a lot on the workdesk to show for it.

Truth is, the weather has been too good, drawing me out into the garden and the sunshine. So this is all I have to show for a week. It's a piece of calico that I've been stencilling, stamping and colouring with watercolour pencils. It's an experiment. I plan to add some free motion sewing too. I'll post the finished piece when I think it's done. If Sarn, Stamping for Pleasure, is looking in she might recognise the stamps I've used.

And here's what has been keeping me away from my desk over the Easter break.
Cosmos seedlings - now big enough to be pricked out into individual post - and a few zinnias, pansies and sweet peas in the mini greenhouse.
Even the bedroom windowsill has been pressed into service as a nursery - sweet Cicely and columbine seeds in the propagator.

If you think of gardening as a craft then I've been crafting. Not that I feel that I've had much to do with crafting this fabulous display.

clematis montana rubens
It's all down to Mother Nature.

Finally, the book bit. Only one today.

Helen Fitzgerald's 'The Cry' is a psychological thriller and it really is edge of the seat stuff. So much so, I listened almost non-stop to the seven and a half hours recording!. It's a completely absorbing story of a relationship under considerable duress - Joanna, a new mother from dealing with a crying baby, Noah, and Alistair, her devious and controlling partner. Some of you may have watched the mini-series starring Jenna Coleman based on this book in 2018. Don't let that put you off reading the book - it's a page-turner right to the end.

I'm glad to hear that some of you enjoy the book bit and you find it useful when looking for a good book to read.

It's taken me too long to put this post together today - too many distractions, including the need to get out the duster after days of neglect. For sure, I'll never win 'housewife of the year'!

I hope you enjoyed the Easter break and had at least some of the wonderful weather we've had here in the UK. The forecast for Scotland is that it's not going to last - the weekend is going to be colder and wetter.

On that cheerful note, I'll wish you a fabulous week ahead.


shazsilverwolf said...

HI Elizabeth, yes we had glorious weather down here, but it's turned colder and wet today. Gardening is definitely crafting, and you've been very busy with your seed planting. Love that little circle stencil on your desk, and the stamping and colouring looks fab. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 X

Caro said...

That's a lot of seeds and all growing nicely. I look forward to seeing your finished canvas when you have done it. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW and have a great week, with love and God Bless, Caro x (#20)

Helen said...

you have been very industrious indeed with all your planting - I am sure your garden will look delightful. Helen #1

dutchess said...

Hi Elizabeth...we too have been making the most of the good weather in the garden..stripping and staining our garden furniture...and herring all tidied up,the weather has broken here tonight and torrential rain has been falling,the garden will be so pleased....
I will get back to crafting tomorrow as it’s due to rain all day...take care xxxxx

Shoshi said...

Lovely to see a gardening "desk" this week, Elizabeth. In our household it's my hubby who does the garden, and it's all starting to look lovely now as the flowers start to come out.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #19

Sarah Brennan said...

I don't blame you for taking advantage of the lovely weather Elizabeth. Look forward to seeing the next steps with the calico piece. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #6

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looks like you've been busy. To be honest that's why I'm so late this week, just had things to do but getting there. Happy belated WOYWW, Angela x21x

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Elizabeth, ooh yes your starts are coming along nicely. ( we have ours in trays in the greenhouse right now too) they probably will not be safe from overnight freezing until after Mothers day here and sometimes later, ( middle of May ish) we are still turning the heaters on at night in there but, its been so nice to be able to have the sun shining and the doors open in the afternoons. :) Oh yes,it really surprised me to see your keyboard on your desk so close to the art. ( I am so klutzy I would have spilled something on it for sure if that was something I tried) :) ~Stacy #34

Twiglet said...

You can't beat a Montana for a good show! Also my "Josephine" that Annie bought for me has loads of buds this time - I can't wait to see if they all survive - will post a pic if so as they are really pretty double feathery blooms. xx Jo