Thursday, 5 April 2018

Blue Skies above the Chimney Tops

Morning Everyone

I'm off out in a wee while - off to the Cake and Craft Club in Prestwick - but I thought I'd share what it's like outside here in Ayr today.
After all the snow and rain and general misery of yesterday this is such a welcome sight. How blue is that sky!!  Also, those chimneys tops are getting to be a rare sight in our neighbourhood. With open fires becoming less fashionable chimneys became redundant so they've been removed. Not there at the moment but these particular rooftops often have a flock of pigeons resting on them. Right now the flock is doing it's flypast - too fast, I'm afraid, for my camera to catch them but it is a spectacular sight too.

Hope you are all having as lovely a day wherever you are.


  1. Blue skies here too today.....and sunshine. Get those bikinis out 😀
    Annie x

  2. So nice to see and feel the sun today and thank you for sharing your sky with us x


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