Friday, 11 August 2017

Friday Smiles

Evening Folks

It's Friday and I should have joined Annie with her Friday Smiles at A Stitch In Time much earlier and I would have done if I hadn't had an emergency to deal with.
Yes, I've managed to damage my sewing machine! I cried. I love my sewing machine. So what happened. Well, I changed the needle (from one suited to knit materials to one for cotton) and I couldn't have tightened it up adequately. I've changed umpteen needles in my time and never made such an elementary mistake before but today I did. Of course, I was sewing with a zipper foot too just to make things a whole lot worse. You could have heard the crunching sound on the moon! And to top it all the automatic needle threader is no longer working.

Not much to smile about you'd think! Brother's customer helpline to the rescue. A lovely man answered the phone and calmed me down almost immediately. He knew exactly what I'd done and what needed to be done to get my machine up and running again. And he's popping a new needle threader part in the post - I should receive it by Monday - at no cost to me. He also talked me through how to take the damaged part off and replace with the new part when it arrives. Marvellous service!
I'm now a very happy smiler indeed.

And finally, because we have two tots who are in that 'terrible two' stage, this funny really spoke to me.

Have a wonderful weekend and, hopefully, a very smiley week ahead.

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Annie said...

Oh Ellie....a broken sewing machine is like breaking an arm to me so I feel your pain and I also can sense your relief at getting it sorted. I really hope it's back up and running really quickly for you.
I chuckled at the funny....a quiet dog is much the same lol.
I hope life is being kinder to you. Sending you big hugs,
Annie x