Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday Smiles - Week 190

Hello Everybody,

And a very happy, smiley Friday to you too.

I can't say that it has been a particularly good week for smiles. Yesterday brought some disturbing news concerning our young nephew who had to go through an emergency operation. We're told that he came through the surgery but he's still in intensive care so it's a case of wait and see with fingers crossed.

That was so not the way I thought I'd be starting my Friday Smile for Annie at A Stitch In Time but I do have something cheerier to share too.

On Sunday we went along to the annual Apple Day at Culzean Country Park. There are about 25 varieties of apple grown in the orchard and on this day every year the harvest is offered up for sale. We are invited to fill a large paper bag with as many apples as we can paying only £1 for the bag.

We were also invited, before we bought, to try out any apple we liked the looked off which I think is such a generous way of introducing people to unusual varieties - ones we will never see on sale at the local supermarket! I also tasted some pressed apple juice and it was delicious.

Also there were stalls selling local made produce. Not in the photo was a homemade soup stall - we had tomato and basil soup which was very tasty.

We've been enjoying lovely warm weather but spotting this tree in the car park reminded me that it's autumn, not summer!

And finally, I've been on the Blood Sugar Diet for a few weeks in an attempt to ensure that I don't develop Type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed with Impaired Glucose Tolerance some years ago and I did lose weight then which reversed the condition. Recently, though, I noticed weight has been creeping on again, hence the diet. I'm finding it an easy diet to stick to and so far I've lost 11lbs - yeah :) Of course, I've still a long way to go - whilst it's so easy to put on weight it's so much harder to take it off again which is why this made me chuckle.

Happily, my goal is much more realistic and reachable ... surely :)

Take care all and have a very happy weekend.


Annie said...

I really hope you have good news about your little nephew very soon. Such a worrying time for all I'm sure. Sending lots of love and hugs for all. The apples look many different types and such a good idea to try before you buy.
Biggest hugs,
Annie x

Viv said...

Love the look of the apples, we make our own apple juice from ones we grow.Sorry about your nephew too and I hope he improves soon. Viv xx

Barb said...

First Elizabeth I'd like to say how sorry I was to read about your nephew's operation. It must be a very worrying time for you all. I do hope he's out of IC and on the mend very soon.

I loved the photos of the apple festival. My hubby loves apples and now ONLY eats 5 a day. He picks out the apples at the supermarket very carefully and seems to know which ones will be most tastey. I know he'll be interested to see your post when he gets home.

Well done with the weight loss. It is difficult isn't it. I have now lost 17lb as I was told I was borderline for Type 2. My goal is to lose 28lb in total. I'm going to follow the link for the diet that you are on. They say a change is as good as a rest! Take care. Hugs, Barbxx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

My thoughts and prayers are with your nephew. Hopefully he will begin to improve and recover from his surgery.

The apple festival sounds great. There was one set of apples that looked more like pears to me. The different varieties are very interesting!

I hate talking about weight. I'm DOUBLE the size I was in high school. I know I'll never get down to that but would love to lose around forty pounds to start. My main issue is not moving; having fibromylgia and lupus doesn't help in my stamina.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Neet said...

Good luck with the weight loss. Hope it helps - works in fact!
Gosh what a fabulous apple show you went to. Very generous. I would love to be able to visit something like that where I got to try out different apples. Am sure most people willingly give more than £1 for a bag of apples, I know I would. No wonder you are smiling.
Thanks for telling us all about it.
Hugs, Neet xx

Neet said...

Forgot to say how sorry I was to hear about your nephew. Thoughts and prayers are with him and the family (you obviously included) - please let us know how he is.
Neet xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Sorry to hear about your nephew but at least he's in the best place.
The apples look interesting as does the diet. Will have a look at the link later. Take care, Angela xXx

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Elizabeth, firstly I'm chuckling at the joke but I too am slowly slipping on the kilos and need to shake myself and stop eating the wrong stuff. I would've enjoyed the apple festival, can't believe there is so many varieties but some are much nicer than others just from the supermarket. Have a wonderful weekend cheers Robyn

Di said...

Hoping the news is better about your nephew Elizabeth. Worrying time for you all.

The apples look delicious, so many varieties to try. We do have much more choice of homegrown apples these days, even in supermarkets. But you can't beat them straight off the trees 😊


Di xx

Di said...

Forgot to say. Am sure you lived in Germany, where it's totally normal for market stall holders to offer samples of fruit, cheese, hams. Such a good idea!

mamapez5 said...

I am sorry I am so late visiting this week. And sorry too, to hear about your nephew. I hope is improving and out of intensive care. How very worrying for all the family.
The apple day looks wonderful. It is such a good idea to be able to 'try before you buy'. Many of the fruit and vegetable stalls out here, do that too.
Well done on keeping the diabetes at bay. Sadly I wasn't aware that I was in any danger until I was diagnosed with it about ten years ago, but these days I am much more aware of the sugar content in everything, and I try to be careful. I do have a weakness for fruit and have to be really firm with myself about how much I eat.
I hope the pounds are still slipping away. Kate xx