Monday, 2 March 2015

In A Vase On Monday - Budding Beauties

Afternoon Everyone,

It's been snowing off and on today so this vase almost didn't happen! However, the snow hasn't settled, we live too near the sea for that, so, to allow me to join in with Cathy's In A Vase On Monday meme, I nipped into the garden during a brief sunny spell and went bud hunting.

I remembered from last spring that we had a little clump of lesser celandines growing up against the base of the flowering current, ribes sanguineum, in the front border so, hoping it had survived my husband's enthusiastic weeding, I checked it out again. And there is was, the tiniest clump with only four flower buds peeping out. I picked three together, leaving the fourth - if it goes to seed perhaps the clump can be increased. I know some folk think of the celandine as a weedy nuisance but I don't ... they are too cheerful a sight for me to think that.

I also remembered I'd seen some purple crocus just popping through in the little central bed directly in front of the house. There's more this year than last ... all the turning over and digging to plant a rose meant the corms were redistributed and have now increased in number. While I was out front I grabbed some bits of the vinca foliage growing under the cherry tree. I also picked one of buds from the pot of Jumblies (narcissus) placed near the kitchen door. 

The tiny thistle shaped vase is only 2½" tall. It was, until recently, used it to keep hair grips in but now that I've had my hair all chopped off it can revert to purpose ... it looks better with flowers in it anyway :)
Next it was into the back garden where I picked the one and only hellebore bud - it's been so disappointing to see that my once beautiful plant which used to flower beautifully is now struggling to survive. At the first opportunity I will dig it up and put it in a pot in the hope of saving it

Finally, I cut a small piece of variegated ivy and a tiny fern leaf to add to my wee posy.

Within fifteen minutes of picking the celandines and crocus had started to open. 

After thirty minutes both were fully opened. 

The flowers of the lesser celandines are reputed to open only during day time and then close during the night. I wonder if they will behave in the same way indoors!

If you would like to join in and find something in your garden or nearby that you can bring inside and place in a vase or container on a Monday do join in. I'm sure Cathy would be delighted :)

Thanks for popping by.


Donna said...

Elizabeth, I am so soulfully happy to see all this purple with a bit of yellow...these flowers are waiting under all my snow to bloom too. said...

What a lovely miniature vase and well done for collecting it in such bad weather. i am always amazed at how quickly crocus will open when brought inside a warm house.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful arrangement, and such gorgeous colours. I love the photographs taken at various stages of opening :o)
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet Elizabeth - and amongst the other material you wouldn't realise those were actually crocuses! I was looking at mine today wondering about picking some for a vase soon - definitely worth doing after seeing yours. You have diligently collected other bits and pieces that go with them perfectly. I hope your hellebore survives - why do you think it is not happy? re snowdrops, you had been trying to buy some locally, and I offered to send you some as I am always splitting my common ones - you would be most welcome to have some.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Beautiful Elizabeth. Wow, purple in your garden. : )
That is one thing I do not have enough of, greenery for my arrangements.
Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.
Bobbie Lynn

Sandra H said...

So pretty Elizabeth are your floral display l love the colours together x

Kris Peterson said...

My absolute favorite color combination, Elizabeth!

Karen Dunbrook said...

beautiful...can't wait for Spring!