Tuesday, 24 February 2015

In A Vase this week - Sunshine on a Wet Day

Hi everyone

This is far too late for In A Vase Monday and, as the daffodils were not grown in our garden, strictly speaking I don't think these qualify for Cathy's meme but I thought they were too cheerful to keep to myself :)

They were just a bunch of green buds when the EM brought them home from the market but in no time they were looking like this ... and the perfume is divine!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo showing the seed packets received from the Cottage Garden Society seed exchange (post here). This sparked a question or two so I thought I'd tell you more about how the seed exchange works. The seeds are donated by many of the members of the CGS who collect them throughout the year as they ripen They are sent into a wonderful lady, Margaret Mason, who then checks them, makes sure they have the correct Latin name, etc. We, the members, are then sent a seed list, with the winter edition of the CGS magazine. There's approximately 1500 species and varieties of flowers, herbs and vegetables from which we are invited to make our selection. The eagerly awaited packets of seeds are then sent out January/February time. 

All the seed collection is carried out on a purely voluntary basis, there's no obligation, and not donating does not bar members from choosing seeds from the list. For example, this year I did not contribute because much of my seed wasn't ripe enough until after the deadline for sending. However, I do hope this coming year will be different. Participating in the seed exchange really is a lot of fun ... sowing the seeds and waiting to see what comes up is exciting and the results are always a joy even if they do sometimes produce a surprise as the odd stray unknown has sneaked into a packet! 

I hope the above has answered the queries and that those of you who are keen gardeners may even consider becoming members of the CGS so that you too can participate in the seed exchange. I've been a member for the best part of 20 years and not only benefit from the seed exchange but thoroughly enjoy reading, and learning from, the quarterly magazine. The membership fee is modest, as is the charge for all those lovely packets of seeds! 

Once again it's time I was in bed. I have an appointment at the hairdressers tomorrow ... I have a big change planned ... photos may follow :)

Take care and stay safe.


Liz said...

Beautiful daffodils - really makes me feel that spring is not too far away. :-) xx

Jackie said...

What a beautiful breath of sunshine and Spring :o)
Jackie xx

Rita said...

Beautiful daffodils. I too have a hairdressers appointment this morning. Take Care Hugs Rita xxx

Anonymous said...

In the circumstances you are forgiven for posting your lovely daffodils - I am sure they make you yearn to be outside in the garden even more!Do you still feel up to crafting while you are stuck inside? Thanks for the info on the CGS - I will look into that. I saved seed for the first time this year, just from a few plants where the seeds ripened, and already have Ruby Eclipse sunflower seedlings again. I don't know if you picked up on my offer of some snowdrops in a previous comment - email me if you are.

Jacee said...

I love Daffs, just a pity they don't last a little longer in the vase, but hey ho, still nice anyway.
hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

Sandra H said...

l do like to see a bunch of daffs in a lovely vase and to me it's showing spring is really on it's way xx