Sunday, 2 February 2014

Gremlins in the Works

Hi Everyone,

I'm still experiencing problems with my Internet connect which can best be described as intermittent. I've tried time and time again to leave comments but keep getting cut off, or a box comes up telling me the server refused to accept my comment ... all very frustrating.

Despite trying everything recommended by Sky, etc., I think it's time to call in the experts. I may be some time!

Happy blogging everyone,


  1. Your the 2nd person l have read about Elizabeth about leaving comments so maybe it's mr blogger having an off day hopefully you will get sorted xx

  2. Sorry your having probs Elizabeth
    hope you get sorted soon lots of huggles Sue xxx

  3. Oh dear Elizabeth, I hope you haven't got too many bruises from banging your head! Hope you are soon up and running again :o)
    Jackie xx


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