Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday Smile - Week 58

Evening Everyone ...

... later than intended ... I did start to write this post this morning but I got sidetracked by the much neglected housework and shopping :)

It's Friday and Annie, A Stitch in Time, as ever, has invited us to share whatever has made us smile this week. For me, this week, has been all about spring - or, at least, signs of, and plans for, spring in the garden.
First up is my hellebore plant, again! After reading some advice in Gardeners World Magazine that suggested these plants benefited from cutting away their leaves, I did just that and it worked ... look how the blooms are just, well, blooming! Love those gorgeous flowers :)

Next up some shots of other spring blooms.
An unknown Azalea
The EM created the pot holder himself after spotting something similar on the wall of a Cornish cottage :)
And here are two recently purchased roses just waiting to be transplanted into a flower bed that hasn't been dug yet ... the ground is still too wet. The pink one is in memory of my late mother ... the name of the rose is the same as her favourite perfume, Coty L'Aimant. And the orange one is for the EM ... well, he is simply the best :)
And finally, one of the few things that cheered me up while I was poorly, our seed order from the Cottage Garden Society seed exchange arrived. All I have to do now is sow them and wait impatiently patiently to see what gems are in those little packets of miracles :)

Now, that's an awful lot I've had to smile about recently, I hope you have also found a lot to put a smile on your face too.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. These are so lovely Elizabeth I love it when all the flowers start appearing in the garden, our snowdrops have been out for a couple of weeks, daffs are in bud and crocus's are all out in bloom :) cant wait to see pics of what your seeds are huggles Sue xxx

  2. A lovely post Elizabeth full of so many things that have made you smile...and me too now :-)
    I have managed to get cuttings growing of a favourite rose from here before we is an old fashioned one and has the most gorgeous scent....I'm so thrilled to be able to take the cuttings with us to our new home :-)
    Annie x

  3. Hi Elizabeth l had my grand children today they make me smile loads! your floral pictures are lovely nice to see some colour l went to the other house that we moved from and its full of Crocus, Daffs and soon Tulips and the heads where so big l was sorry we didn't dig them up as this new garden hasn't any colour at all at the moment but hopefully something might shoot can't wait to see what those packets of seed produce keep us up todate take care x

  4. Ooooh, lovely photos Elizabeth! I chop our hellebores back quite ruthlessly here and they really do benefit.

    And Coty L'Aimant brought memories rushing back. When I got married, way back when, I had absolutely everything from that range :) I think I wafted down through the wedding and our honeymoon in a little cloud of it! Can almost smell it right now.

    Clever man that EM, it's a lovely pot holder he made!

    Hugs, Di xx

  5. What a lot of beautiful flowers, enough to make anyone smile :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. Such a lovely glimpse of Springtime there Elizabeth. We have Hellebore too so I will mention the leaf snipping to the one who trims!!! x Jo

  7. Gorgeous flowering plants there Elizabeth and a real taste of springtime. I didn't know about the hellebores and cutting back the leaves. I shall have to try this with mine.
    Funny your crocuses are all lilac. Mine are all yellow this year, yet I planted mixed bulbs years ago?
    Have a great week.


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