Wednesday, 30 October 2013

WOYWW 230 - and the sad tale of the little red dress

Morning WOYWWers, Followers and All,

It seems weeks since I've been able to join in with the mahoosive snoopathon that is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday ... actually it's only been two but it feels like aeons! And as I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms, I've jettisoned the house packing, dumped the housework, cleared the diary and here I am, Julia,back for one day only ready to share my less-cluttered-than-usual desk :))
The photo was taken Tuesday afternoon. Had to be during daylight hours now that my Ottlite, with perfect timing, has died only weeks out of warranty, sigh :( I've decided to delay ordering a new one until we've moved - only 17 days to go now.

There's a sad, sad tale to what's on my desk today. You see I've just finished sewing that little red pinafore dress and it's only taken me SIX years.
You see, I began making the dress for my granddaughter, Shari-Ann, when she was 3 years old but I then I became ill, too ill to do much at all - hospital, operations, a slow recovery followed and the little dress was forgotten. A sad tale, indeed! But the packing process, which has taken me into parts of our home I'd forgotten existed, namely the attic, clearing out cupboards, investigating the contents of boxes, bags and suitcases, and in so doing, disturbing and evicting many a spider, some ginormous ones at that, from dark and cosy recesses, brought the dress to light. Time, finally, to finish the sewing.

Shari-Ann, in the meantime, is no longer the tiny tot she was then, she's 10 years old ... where did the years go! So, of course, the dress is too small, for her. But, luckily, there's no shortage of little girls in the family - there's my great-granddaughter and great-niece, both 2 years old. They are, for sure, too small now but I have great hopes that the dress will fit one or other of them fairly soon.

So that's my desk this morning ... I'm writing this in real time, it's 7.10am here in Scotland. It's time for my first cup of tea of the day, followed by breakfast ... after that I'll be back to join in the desk hopping.

In the meantime, I hope all is well with you and if it isn't, I hope it improves soon. For those of you living in or near the Blue Mountains of Australia, where bush fires have caused untold damage, and the south of England where gales have wreaked havoc, you are in my thoughts.

Happy WOYWW everybody and do take care,


  1. I hope the packing and the move go well. It must have brought back all sorts of memories finding that dress but it's fantastic that it'll still be worn. Careful of the out for the False Widows!! We got away without any storm damage in Dover and so are counting our blessings! Hugs. Pam#39

  2. Better late than never! Sometimes these things aren't meant to be done at the time....I'm sure the new recipients will love it. I like the two layered hem, it opts it above the normal design for fact it's very chic!!
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xx

  3. That's great news that the dress with have an owner soon .... But which one will get it????
    Sad you have been so ill over the years , I think for some people it's just they way the genetics are, it seems so for my daughter
    Jackie 27

  4. Oh what a sad little story! Glad that the dress will find a little girl to wear it though. Loved reading your post. Thanks for sharing.
    Karen no.51 x

  5. Its a lovely little pinafore dress Elizabeth and I am sure one of the girlies will love it. x Jo

  6. What a sad thing to have happened Elizabeth. hope your little grand daughter is ok now . Hope the move goes well. Happy woyww Jill #37

  7. What a wonderful find and how lovely that there are two little girls lined up to make use of it Elizabeth when you get it finished. I'm sure I have lots of projects like that somewhere. :-)
    A x # 47

  8. The dress is even more special then! To pick it up again and complete it after all that is amazing. Your other grands will enjoy it I am sure (love the pattern and color). Hope the unpacking etc goes smooth, and that you enjoy it!! Winnie#55

  9. Oh Elizabeth, how special tis dress will be for the little one who finally gets to wear it. I started a baby blanket when pregnant w/ second son, thinking he would be a girl. Well, 32 YEARS later I finished it and gave it to HIS daughter.
    Have a great week.
    Krisha #18

  10. What a pretty little dress. I'm sure someone will enjoy it immensely. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #3

  11. Wow I didn't know 7.10am existed during school hols!! Well it is here so please forgive me if I have lie ins!! Aw that dress is so sweet, look forward to seeing one of your girls wearing it, hope the move goes well too. Take care Zo xx 81

  12. Good luck with the remaining packing. So glad there is someone who can wear that cute little dress. #5

  13. So sad to hear that you were so very ill at one time. Hope you have not suffered any effects from that time. It looks as if the little red dress just had to be found - am sure it will be loved by the grandee that wears it.
    Hugs, Neet xx 16

  14. It sounds like the Sad Tale of the Little Red Dress will have a happy ending after all. I don't blame you for abandoning the house packing and taking some me time. That stuff is important! #92

  15. Ooh not long bill be nice to be able to stop sorting and finding things, huh! at least when it arrives at the new house! there will be nothing that comes as a surprise!
    Still a pretty dress, whoever it's for, and I say well done..I think it would have gone into my abandoned pile by now!

  16. What a sweet story!! I hope everything is OK with you now!
    Your other little girls will love to wear this!

  17. Oh my everyone is packing and moving it seems. My hope is that I will not have join the crowd. Crossing fingers. It's a pretty little dress that one or both of the wee girlies will love. Take care with the packing, leave heavy stuff to the Mr. or others. Hugs Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #6

  18. Hello Elizabeth nice to see you back. I have only just made it. Sadly I have several things still to be finished that go back further than I care to recall. So glad that you can finally finish the dress and hope it will hold happy memories in future. Anne x #96

  19. What a story that red dress has! what conversation, when one of the GGDs wear it! :) I have two similar stories, although, not sad. I began a quilt for my first grandson, and finished it for my second grandson who came along four years later, and it was still not ready until his first Christmas. I started a t-shirt quilt for my son when he was still living at home. I finally got it done for him when he was in mid 30s! I think he appreciates it more though! :)
    Good luck on the move.
    Thanks for your visit to my space! :)
    Sharon #7

  20. What a beautiful dress Elizabeth-so lovely,I am sure it will be cherished by which ever little girl in the family is lucky enough to receive it :)
    Good luck with the house move...and breathe!
    Hugs,Nessa xxxx

  21. Hi Elizabeth, Oh l just love your story and how you have now finished that little red dress and its gorgeous by the way! the colour is stunning and how nice that you have family that it will fit some time, Please don't over do it with the move and packing as your probably aware l have just moved and it was so tiring we are still not straight and make sure you mark your boxes otherwise you'll not know what is what...take care xx

  22. That dress is adorable. What's important is you finished it and some little girl is going to be so happy!

    Hugs Robin 74

  23. sad to see that gorgeous little dress without an owner hopefully someone will fill it soon.
    I have taken a leaf out of your book with the snippets cards.... you will see them on this weeks post.
    We had an ok storm down here no damage and I didn't even hear anything even though we were right in its path... just lucky I guess
    janet #38

  24. Well i don't think it is a sad little red dress, it is a happy little red dress, as it represents how much you have moved on since the illness and now you are literally moving too... so it represents all that is new.. I feel for you over the packing though... I have had it with packing and unpacking... LOL Annette #11

  25. I think it is a happy tale that you are now well enough and able to finish the dress. Good luck with the imminent move. Oh and staying with Mum is rather stressful so glad it is over for now - thanks for visiting me BJ#50

  26. happy WOYWW Elizabeth, and well things are on the move, what good girl you are finally finishing your dress I still have a UFO (unfinished object) of twenty years and more... a crocheted cloth... one day.!! just dont hold your breath safe packing up!! Shaz in Oz.x #8

  27. what a lovely little dress, its very sweet. so sorry you were ill but hope you are much better now. Lx

  28. That is such a sweet dress you made and it's going to look pretty on which ever lucky girl gets it :)
    Have fun with the move and may you find lots of treasure :) hugs Nikki

  29. It's going to be a lovely dress and I'm glad you are finally getting it done...doesn't it feel wonderful? :) Thanks for sharing that with us and stopping by to see me already...hope your move goes well! :) Deeyll

  30. But at least it got finished and will get worn too! It was also make a great base for a red riding hood Halloween costume too! 17 days to go, actually that was last week! Good thing you're already a Silver Scrapper, otherwise this move might just make you one!! Thanks for popping in.



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