Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday's Smile

Hi Everyone,

I don't always remember to join in with Annie's Friday Smile, over at A Stitch In Time, but this week I have a few photos that made me smile which I thought I'd share.
My youngest grandchild, Shari-Ann had her tenth birthday yesterday. She's growing up so fast! I enjoyed the look of concentration on her face as she tried to blow out all 10 candles and focus on making a wish at the same time :)

And this candid shot her mother took of Shari-Ann taking a nap after a exhausting day at school made me laugh. She will have plenty of time to rest now, school broke up yesterday so she has six weeks holiday ahead of her.
And finally, this little cutie would make any puppy lover smile. Born just a week ago, this little one is the only girl in a litter of four born to my daughter's Jack Russell, Tina. She is also the only white one, like her mum, the boys are all black like their father.

That's it, brief but fun and definitely making me smile.


Annie said...

Gorgeous photos of your granddaughter Elizabeth. I have to be honest I did say a big aww at that little cute puppy :-)
Annie x

Caro said...

Your granddaughter is so pretty... they are lovely photos of her. The puppy is adorable, so cute! Thanks for the smiles. Caro x (#4)

Craftychris said...

Lovely photo's of Shari-Ann and the little puppy is sooooooo cute! xx

Sandra H said...

Aww so cute isn't she Elizabeth she would make me smile too! it's not easy doing two jobs lol hope Shari-Ann gets what she wished for and enjoyed her birthday 6weeks holidays l used to look forward to them but time goes so fast now hope you have a lovely weekend Elizabeth take care xx

Angie said...

Thanks for dropping by with the hugs ...I know I will feel her loss for several weeks ....kris is in a bad state over her but at least he is seeing his dad this week and it will help.xx

Angie said...

Forgot to say GD and puppy are both cute and made me smile on this rubbish day. xx

MaryH said...

What a sweet face this young lady has. Looks very grown up too. I hope her birthday was very happy. How fortunate that you could spend time with her. And loved the little puppy too. How adorable they are with their eyes closed, helpless little babies. TFS & Happy Weekend.