Monday, 10 June 2013

Flat Susan has arrived in Bonnie Scotland

Afternoon Everyone,

Yes, Flat Susan joined the Worthington household this morning, safe and sound, all the way from Luneburg, Germany.
She took a few minutes to unpack the goodies Jo, JoZart, packed in her suitcase with her ... a postcard from Luneburg, a fabulous tag that records all the places she has visited so far and a wee taste of Germany - Niederegger Marzipan. Thanks Jo, we're saving this treat for later.
Here she is waving 'hi' to Jo. She thanks Jo for taking such good care of her during the holiday with her. 
And she had to take the opportunity to catch up with Neet, Hickydorms, her creator, too :)
Meeting the EM - they're getting on like a house on fire :)
Introducing her to the family.
After a wee lie down - she was exhausted after her long journey - Flat Susan joined us for lunch and  took the opportunity to browse through the local paper to familiarise herself with the Scots language. Interestingly, she's already noticed some similarities between Scots and German languages so she's feeling very much at home already.

We've had a great morning getting to know each other, and I think it's clear we are going to have fun showing our lovely guest around. Shame the weather has changed, from wall-to-wall sunshine to overcast and cooler, but hopefully it will brighten up again over the week and we're also hoping for no rain when we set off for the Highlands at the end of the week.

Right, better get off ... I've tons to do before we can set off. I'll be back with another report on what Flat Susan is up to in a couple of days.

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a great Monday.

Happy crafting,


  1. Was starting to think you'd lost the plot, then I spotted Flat Susan! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun showing your guest around.

    take care

    Cassidy xx

  2. If Flat Susan is responsible for this lack of sunshine, I won't be happy. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the post Elizabeth - lovely to see Em with her too. Hope The Boss is ok about this little visitor. Am sure FS is looking forward to her trip at the end of the week. Have a great time.
    Hugs and Thanks, Neet xx

  4. My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Scotland. Though the weather was a bit dreich, we loved our visit. I am sure Flat Susan is up for adventure in the Highlands!

  5. Bwahahaha, I was also fearful that you'd lost the plot Elizabeth :) Super piccies - and even though I don't know exactly who Flat Susan is it looks as if you're getting on famously! Does she join folk on their travels?

    Hugs, Di xx

  6. Looks like Flat Susan is in for a treat, I am sure the sun will come out again soon!!

  7. Well I am sure FS will be happy in your care Elizabeth - that lunch looks delicious! x Jo

  8. Wonder who is haing the most fun, you or FS?? You must let me know how much she eats so I will be prepared for her visit later, that looked like a BIG lunch....LOL

  9. Oh my life what a great post - Flat Susan is living the life isnt she and her lunch looked very nice I must say! Cx

  10. Good to see that FS has arrived safely Elizabeth. I have enjoyed following her adventures on Jo's blog. Can't wait to see what she gets up to with you and EM. Have fun. Your lunch looked delish. Hugs Anne x

  11. Oh lol so funny and if Flat Susan isn't hungrey l will clear that lunch it looks so yummy nice of her to visit and she had a saft journey hope she brings some better weather because its raining here and l would like a taste of the sun again enjoy her while she is with you take care xx

  12. Very fun adventure pictures.

    Regards diane

  13. It looks like Flat Susan is having a wonderful time! xx

  14. I'm so relived she survived the journey and it looks like you've really taken her into the bosom of the family. What a time she's having but jut watch her with cake as I don't want her putting on weight and costing too much to post. She's such a trouble free guest and you'll find people really take to her everywhere you go. I look forward to hearing of her next exploits. Don't worry about the weather as she's quite stalwart and has already survived near drowning, deep cold caves and hot sunshine so she's made of good stuff by her surrogate mum , Neet!
    Have fun... Jo x

  15. Hi Elizabeth,

    You are the perfect hostess to Flat Susan! I need to grab the "Follow Flat Susan" button and put it on my sidebar as she'll be visiting me at some point!

    Sorry to hear the weather has taken a turn -- we sure could use the rain here.


  16. I remember having a visitor like Flat Susan (ours was Flat Cambry) all the way from America. A friend of mums has four children who sent their friend over to visit England. Mum wasnt well at the time so I took Cambry up to London and showed her round. Even got a nice pic of her at the gates to Downing Street with a smiling policeman in the background. Hope Susan has a fab time in Scotland
    Karen xxx


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