Sunday, 20 January 2013

Friday's Smile on Sunday

Hi Everyone

Annie, over on A Stitch In Time, usually posts a bunch of great photos for her My Friday Smile weekly. This week she has invited us all to join in the fun and post something that makes us happy. I'm late, so here is what is making me happy today.

Yes, it's the Boss, aka Bonnie, doing what she does best - snoozing. It's just too cold for her to linger too long outside right now - she usually spends most of the day defending the garden from other feline intruders -  so, instead, she has taken up the prone position on the back of the sofa. Doesn't she look comfy :)

It's a freezing cold day here, but no snow ... again! We did get a wee flutter yesterday, tiny wee flakes that melted as soon as they hit the grown - pathetic!!! However! Look at this, the hellebore in full bloom. Just gorgeous! I've been waiting for the buds to open forever so when I saw this beauty, I was smiling from ear-to-ear :)

Want to join in, just take a photo or two, post to your blog and then pop over to Annie's where there's a Mr Linky thing. Add your name and then go see what is making others smile too ... apparently it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown, so it can only be good for us :))

That's me for now. It's lunch time here and the EM has made a pot of delicious white onion soup - just the thing to warm the cockles of your heart - so I'm off to scoff a bowl.

Take care and,if you are in snow covered parts, stay warm.

Happy crafting,


Di said...

Ha, ha - lovely smiley photo - Bonnie certainly knows where she's best off :))

Hugs, Di xx

Annie said...

Aw I really love your pics and yes I'm smiling too now :-) We have a hellebore in our garden that Mum used to count the blooms on every year when she lived with us so that brought back happy memories for me.....alas we are white over here and there is more coming down fast and furious at the mo so I wont be going out to check ours out any time soon. Thanks for sharing and joining in the fun Elizabeth.
A x

Craftychris said...

Bonnie looks so gorgeous! I hope you enjoy your soup, its sounds delicious! xx

JoZart Designs said...

Lovely pics Elizabeth, puss is so sweet and the hellebore really beautiful in this time of snow.
Stay warm and safe,
Jo x

Caro said...

Bonnie certainly makes me smile. What a wonderful picture of a contented cat. Cozy and happy. Thanks for sharing and popping by earlier.

voodoo vixen said...

Love that photo of your Bonnie, she really looks well settled there! Your flower is gorgeous too, I am presuming it is an indoor one, not out in the snow!! LOL

Caro said...

Bonnie certainly makes me smile. What a wonderful picture of a contented cat. Cozy and happy. Thanks for sharing and popping by earlier.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. Charlotte is definitely going to be a real charmer as she grows up. She and her little sister, Rosie are both happy lively little girls, so different in character. I like the idea of that onion soup, can you put the recipe up for the rest of us to try, please. Bonnie has the right idea, curl up in the warm. Stay safe out there. xx Maggie

Sandra H said...

Oh Elizabeth love your kitty!! xx

BumbleVee said...

oooooh ... love your bonnie wee lass Bonnie....thanks for visiting me Elizabeth.

Oh, and ....lucky you.... and EM who makes you soup.... *pout*....I am so jealous...... although, I do have to say ....mine did make me a delicious carrot cake for my birthday ..... but, not often he does much cooking yet as mine still works full time...darn it.....

Jules said...

Mmmmm... I love homemade soup!!

Bonnie looks well comfortable there.

Have you had your share of the snow yet? I think it was heading your way.

Love Jules xx

Hettie said...

Awww! Gorgeous picture of Bonnie there. I hope you are going to scrapbook that one!
Your Hellebore looks gorgeous too. Ours are covered under a blanket of snow. We have several plants around. One of my favourites.