Thursday, 31 January 2013

Another of my notebooks covered

Hello again everyone,

This is a project that is a work in progress. I plan to cover all the notebooks I have, and I have quite a few. They don't all look pretty but they all have a purpose.

Long before I had heard of 'Smash' books, I have been sticking all sorts of bits and bobs, e.g. tickets, menus, telephone messages and numbers, etc., etc., into notebooks. Because, if I didn't, especially when I had a business to run, they would clutter up my desk or get lost amongst all the other paperwork.

But, of course, they aren't pretty - they are just bog standard notebooks from the stationery suppliers. Well, I don't have an office now but I still accumulate these little bitty pieces of paper that are worth keeping but need a home - a smash book!

This one is covered in a leftover scrap of patterned paper, a piece of embossed core'dinations in orange - just a test piece out of the box full of test pieces - and a couple of journaling spots from a long forgotten sheet of paper. The huge wooden butterfly has a broken antenna which I have carefully glued in place. It's been coloured with orange ink and rubbed with gold run-n-buff. The back has some drops of gold liquid pearls on it. You can see three wee bees stamped just above the title.

There's a few more notebooks awaiting similar treatment - I'm fitting them between other projects. Prettying them up somehow makes them more of a pleasure to fill :)

I'm not going to list the materials - everything came out of the snippets box, except the letters for the title and the poor damaged butterfly. And talking of snippets, I'll be adding this to Di's Crafty Snippet Challenge - Week 57 - my first visit to the playground this week!

Something I've been thinking about and while I have half an hour before Silent Witness - a 'must see' drama for me. I'm thinking of making a scrap page on our favourite TV programmes - it might amuse my grandchildren in years to come. Goodness knows what they will be watching ... indeed, what and how they will be watching ... it will be TV but not as we know it :)

It might seem from comments I make on this blog that I watch a lot of TV but, in fact, I am very choosy. If it is a good drama series and is on at 9pm, I'll go down and join the EM to watch it. I also like anything to do with skating so, much as I hate the constant commercial breaks, Dancing on Ice is on the list at the moment. I also like any of the nature watch programmes, i.e. Spring Watch, Autumn Watch, etc. You've probably noticed I'm addicted to Pointless, followed by Eggheads and for a good belly laugh, my secret pleasure is Mrs Brown's Boys. Oh, and I do record and watch, whenever I have an idle moment, many of the stamping and scrapbooking items on CNC. The EM loves anything to do with railways so Michael Portillo's train journeys are high on his list and because he was quite some ballroom dancer - Latin-American - in his time we never miss Strictly Come Dancing.  However, if I watched as much television as he does, I'd never get any crafting done!

How about you ... do you watch TV, are you selective and what are your favourites?

Off to do a bit of blog visiting now.

Take care everyone,


  1. Hello Elizabeth, love the notebooks.
    This bloggng is not good. Too many ideas and not enough time to do them.
    I have notebooks all about - now I want to decorate them!
    My list of things to try is getting longer every day!.
    As for TV, I watch Criminal Minds (new series starting woo hoo), have been watching The Following and not sure yet.
    History shows etc. Though I do insist on Strictly. I can't dance but would love to learn. Did you ho to the SECC for the tour?
    Other than that not much TV for me. Hubby watches anything sporty. And I mean anything! Good job he's working away 3/4 days a week.

  2. This book is gorgeous Elizabeth. 10/10 for using bees on there! Gotta save our bees! The flutterby looks like she is happy now she is fixed. Love the colours.
    As for dies "being like magnets", well shopping baskets are metal and dies are so that must be why!! Tee Hee!

  3. I'm similar to you in what I watch and often knit or cross stitch at the same time. My favs at the moment are The Good Wife and Lewis, I'm a Pointless and Egghead fan too.

  4. Totally beautiful Elizabeth and what great ideas you have creating this cover x

  5. It looks great, but where does the name "Smash Book" come from, I've never heard of it! :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. Fantastic books there Elizabeth! Love the way snippets are used for so many lovely projects.

    Mrs Browns Boys - one of my all time faves - along with most of the others you watch. The Brazilian wax episode of MBB was about the funniest thing I've ever seen! Did you know that most of the cast are related to one another?

    Hugs, Di xx

  7. Finally getting round to all the posts on Pixies challenge this week. Your book looks great.
    You have really been busy creating lately! Looks good too. Love the butterfly on it.

    We seem to mostly watch BBC canada...British TV but it would probably be your reruns...
    I like Silent witness, DCE Banks, Rebus, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey and a few others...

    I had a chuckle as you described my DH completely when you said if you watched as much TV you would never get any crafting done!

  8. I've never heard of a SMASH book, so I googled it and this craze has obviously passed me by LOL!


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