Wednesday, 10 November 2010

WOYWW - Week 75

What's on You Workdesk Wednesday again and another week has flown by. Here's my desk this morning, left as it was last night when I decided to call it a day.

I was too tired to clean up. That's an easel card almost finished for the Alphabet card series - if you don't know what this is about take a peek at some of my previous posts - this one is the G card. Behind the topper is the scissors I keep for cutting double-sided sticky tape (lurking in the background), in fact anything sticky, because I hate it when my favourite scissors get all gummed up, yuck! There is also the lace die cut pack I've used waiting to be put away and the card and design paper to finish off the card. At the back is a pack of Prima flowers which I think will be a good match for this card, there's a sentiment stamped and embossed, the Versamark, the embossing powder, my favourite glitter product (not used on this card, so why is it still out?), and a couple of punches still waiting to find a home. And, of course, you can see my chicken box and various other bits of clutter.

It's my daughter's Graduation Ceremony today and as it is in Kilmarnock I will be MIA for a few hours while we attend that and the celebrations to follow. I'll be sprucing up because my daughter wants a photograph taken with both her mother and father - we're divorced so that should be a bundle of fun:) But, we're taking the digi camera and my DH will be doing the honours so I should be able to post a photo or two of the occasion tomorrow.

That's me for now and for anyone who has just strayed into this crazy world wondering what WOYWW is all about take a dash over to Julia's place, Stamping Ground, and take a peek. You will be able to view the workdesks of other creative folks from all over the world.


Edit Note: For those of you who have expressed interest I have now posted snapshots taken at the Graduation Ceremony.


jude said...

Have agreat day at your daughters graduation im sure it will be proud moment .will pop back to see pics tomorrow.
hugs judex

nnalorac said...

Lovely card your working on Elizabeth, hate sticky scissors, always forget to clean them! Such a proud day for you today, enjoy! Carolxx.....66

lisa said...

I hate sticky scissors too although they always seem to be so!!!
Hope you have a lovely day today at your daughter's Graduation. A special day. Looking forward to seeing the photos!!
Hugs Lisax

Maria Moorhouse said...

Great work desk,thanks for the snoop!x
Maria inkymits
#84 (i think)

Anonymous said...

Very tidy desk Elisabeth and pretty card. Hope all goes well at the graduation.

Brenda 90

Annie said...

Really hope all the celebrations go well for all.
A x

Ciara said...

Just read your lovely tribute to your daughter, it's really moving. Well done to her.

In answer to your question, I get up for work at 5:30 so just happened to check Julia's blog at 6am when she'd posted. I was amazed I beat the American ladies!

Love your ribbon & those prima flowers :-)


Lionelsa said...

I like this chicken box and lovly green on your desk.

Julia Dunnit said...

Bet the graduation was amazing - did you get the sniffles? You must be very proud. I like the way you question the glitter's presence when it's not been used - hey, come to my place and question...well most of the stuff on my desk!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i recently used a pair of scissors to cut double sided tape and wow, those scissors are now a mess! grrr!

Chrissie said...

It's taking me a while to get around this week as we swanned off to London on Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday too. Pride personified I'm sure!
Congratulations to your daughter!
Chrissie #11

kelly said...

The card looks very nice, the one you are working on there Elizabeth. I will check out the graduation photos.


akilli melek said...

hope you had a nice time at the graduation. love the card and the flowers behind it. easel cards are not something i do a lot of...should try more me thinks. thanks for popping by earlier. only just getting some time to snoop now. caroline #6

Anonymous said...

ITS so tidy elizabeth!

loving the card you made (the one on the desk) its perfect for your graduate :)

Cardmaking Galore said...

there's the beginning of something gorgeous on your desk!

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

What a lovely work to craft in you have. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

Spyder said...

Sorry I'm a week late! Lovely crafty space, love the card you're making, have a great weekend!and of course a good woyww

Neet said...

I am running late because I have been so busy - am whacked out.
Your card looks very nice - I love easel cards. I too hate gumming up my scissors so have a pair that I use specifically for that purpose - now and then I clean them off when it drives me nuts because they are so sticky.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's bad enough that I am running nearly a week late, then I have been plagued with that pesky 503 error all night. Just wanted to drop in and let you know I was here this week. Sounds like an awesome graduation. And of course, that easel card is lovely.