Monday, 8 November 2010

C for Carols, and a tale of woe

Still trying to keep up with the A-Z Challenge over at Docrafts but struggling for several reasons.

Firstly, I find it difficult to make a card quickly, due partly to my inexperience I'm sure and partly to my anal need to have everything perfect.

Secondly, my printer has been playing up - soooo frustrating. Over the last few days I've become very much aware of how much I rely on all this technology I have sitting on my desk, including my all singing, all dancing colour printer. That's because it failed me big time this weekend - needed a new cartridge (cyan) and when I replaced it, admittedly with a compatible (I know, I know - shouldn't do it but I'm on an economy drive!!) it refused to recognise it. So we had to bite the bullet and go to PC World to buy the genuine article.

Then there's the trouble I've been having with the Internet freezing up on me - well, enough of that, all is well again for now.

Here's one of the cards I've made for the challenge:

This card is A5 size so quite small. You can see the lacy Swiss dot panel I showed on the previous post fitted perfectly on to this card. The cute little singing cat image is Princess Singing Carols from the Digi Stamp Boutique, coloured with Promarkers - and this time I've remembered to list the colours used:

Hat: Rose Pink, Pastel Blue (fur trim)
Body and face: Ice grey 1, Pale Pink (nose)
Carol Sheet: Pale Pink
Holly: Leaf Green, Poppy

As usual I decorated the inside and back:

The design paper is from the Docrafts Penelope and Percy A5 Pack again - this pack is really going a long way. I've made several cards from it and there's still plenty papers left. The pink and green colour combination in the ribbons is really pretty, green organza and pink grosgrain, and putting two ribbons together like this is a favourite trick of mine.

I will be back later with another card I have completed for this challenge - D for Deer.

Bye for now


Carrie said...

I love the way you decorate the inside and back as well as the front, it adds that special touch to your cards. I made my daughter's Christmas card last night but forgot to do the inside again....I think I am going to go back to it and finish it off nicely like you do with your cards xxx

Jackie said...

Oh what a sweet card :o)
I once used a 'compatible' cartridge on a printer and the printer ended up at the local tip because it was cheaper to buy a new one than reapir the damage! Since then I always use the genuine article even if it bankrupts me!
Jackie xx