Monday, 24 February 2020

Catch up after the MTS Cyber Crop

Happy Monday Everyone

Hope you are having a good day. It's not a bad day here. Dull and chilly but calm -  probably the proverbial calm before the next storm - expected any day now. Makes a nice change after what we've had to put up with over the weekend - hail, snow, torrential rain and gale force winds. Lucky for me then, that there was the Mind The Scrap cyber crop on Facebook to keep me indoors and busy over the weekend. Not that I managed every challenge - I am, without doubt, the slowest scrapper on earth - but here's the four pages I did make.

Challenge #1 - My Handmade Bags
This one gave me the opportunity to record a few of the many bags I've made since treating myself to a sewing machine about five years ago, and rediscovering the joys of making projects with pretty fabrics.

Challenge #2 - Deah Dudi
For this page I took a trip down memory lane with a very old photo of my children. I can hardly believe that it was taken 46 years ago. The page is about Alun's nicknames for his baby sister, Juli - Deah and Dudi. Coincidentally, her husband, who is profoundly deaf, calls her Dudi to this day.

Challenge #3 - Joyful
Memory lane was well trod this weekend. Going against the trend for outside shots, we had our official wedding photographs taken in a studio and, as you can see, this shot benefited from the camera's soft filter. It captures the happy occasion perfectly and is probably our favourite shot taken that day.

Challenge #4 - Tree Sculpture
The photos I've used here were taken on a day trip up the coast to Arrochar on the coast of Loch Long. We discovered this tree trunk chainsaw sculpture in the car park there - possibly the car park with the best view in the country.

That's it. Four pages in all. Not a lot considering some participants managed all 19 challenges, but I'm pleased with what I accomplished. It's the participating that makes it fun. The materials were, in the main, from MTS kits.

I'm on a roll now so I think I will keep going and see if I can complete all the challenges over the next few weeks. You never know, I might get them all done before the next cyber crop. Unlikely, but I'll be trying my slow best!

Take care everyone, and given the weather forecast for the UK, stay safe.


Linda Simpson said...

WOW loving your bags Elizabeth. Beautiful pages too.
Linda xxx

Rita said...

Morning my friend. Like you I have not been out much at all. Due to a really bad Vertigo attack that has left my eyes very weak. Anyway, I am loving seeing all your work as I do know you are a very competent stitcher, having seen your work . The scrapbook pages look wonderful and something I have yet to do. Maybe start one this year ,who knows. Hugs Rita xxxx