Monday, 15 July 2019

In A Vase On Monday - Not One But Two

Hello Everyone,

One of the garden tasks I most enjoy is deadheading. I can wander around sniffing, patting and admiring whilst snipping away at anything that's gone over. And as I go I can't resist rescuing any flower that's been broken off, knocked over (by visiting cats?) or nibbled at by appreciative bugs. End result - two little vasefuls.
I suppose I could have put everything into one vase and it would look perfectly lovely but I decided to split them into two - pinks in one vase and yellows into the other. Both padded out with the whites - daisies', sweet peas, pinks and cosmos.
The deep pink nameless roses are the last blooms from a badly rain damaged climber - we've had torrential downpours throughout the last couple of weeks. The potentilla nepalensis 'Miss Willmott'  is proving itself to be a star in the round bed - well, it would be if 'Happy Retirement' - the very floriferous floribunda rose wasn't stealing the show there at the moment. 
Rose 'Happy Retirement' & Eryngium 'Big Blue'
There's one of my husband's deep pink sweet peas tucked behind the rose - it's a beautifully scented Spencer - the only variety he likes to grow. He's tried others but thinks there's nothing to beat the Spencer for cutting. Two pinks made the cut - the deep pink is dianthus tenelke garden pink and the white one with the maroon eye is dianthus 'Silver Star'. For foliage I've added a few sprigs of the young pink-tinged grey leaves of Eucalyptus gunnii.

I've also popped leucanthemum x superbum 'Crazy Daisy' in both vases - these double white flowers, a unique strain of Shasta daisy with fringed petals surrounding a golden centre, make great vase fillers.
The yellows in this vase consist of deep yellow rosebuds, another of our nameless roses, a couple of cosmos 'Lemonade' - successfully grown from seed - and a few fluffy sprays of thalictrum flavum glaucum. I couldn't resist tucking three prickly heads of the wonderfully electric-blue Eryngium 'Big Blue' in the thistle shaped vase - so appropriate.

The whites are made up of the daisies, sweet peas and these nibbled cosmos 'Cupcakes White'. Like the 'Lemonade' I grew these from seed. They are just coming into flower, at last!

Linking this post to Cathy's meme In A Vase On Monday on Rambling in the Garden and joining with many others who share whatever they have found to put in a vase this week. If you have filled a vase today I'm sure you would be very welcome to join in too.


Cathy said...

Must try again with Crazy Daisy - it looks so effective in your vases with all your other oddments - it was fun trying to work out what was in each vase before you explained. I enjoy deadheading too and really must get in the habit of carrying secateurs and a mini trug with me on every ramble. Thanks for sharing for pretty little vases, Elizabeth - so sweet

Kris Peterson said...

My local botanic garden could use your deadheading skills, Elizabeth! The volunteers who handle it all seem to have gone on vacation. But I don't suppose you're interested in flying overseas to deadhead flowers ;) The flowers you saved for your vases are lovely. You have me wishing I'd tried growing that yellow Cosmos from seed - I think I have a packet somewhere.

Sandra H said...

So beautiful x

Craftychris said...

Beautiful vases of pure gorgeousness! We need some of your rain here in Bournemouth, our waterbutts are empty! xxx